4792eb03fd82a7b6b35dac276a3095f9Pointers For Writing A Donation Request Letter

It you’re working on writing a fundraising letter, it’s important to do a little legwork before you begin the writing process. Understand who you are targeting with your letter and take some time to look online at our sample sponsorship letter for some inspiration to spark your creativity. Here are some helpful pointers for writing a donation request letter that will teach you how to write a sponsorship letter that will engage potential donors and inspire their generosity:

• Follow the appropriate format. Take a look online at any donation letter sample and it will show you an appropriate format to follow. Things like using formal salutations, including the date and contact information, and breaking the content into smaller paragraphs are all things that you want to consider for your format. Make it clean, professional, and make sure you proofread and edit it several times.

• Include infographics, photos, or compelling logos. People will overlook letters that are too wordy. You not only want to have a clean fundraising letter, you want one that’s going to excite and entice. Photos can tell an amazing story about the good work that your organization does.

• Give them a reason to give. The bottom line of any fundraiser is that people need to understand why they should give and how your charity affects them personally. This can be anything from free publicity for corporate sponsors to tax breaks for the average person. Maybe it’s simply informing them about how youths are helped by youth sport teams. No matter what your charity does, you have to tell your reader why they should help.

• Keep it to one page. People just don’t have the same attention spans anymore for long form content, so keep your letter clean, short and sweet and you’ll be able to gain and hold your audiences’ attention.