When a community organization is in need of money, a popular fundraising choice is hosting a spaghetti dinner fundraiser, due to the fact that people always respond positively when they are faced with the allure of delicious food. However, there are multiple factors that must be taken account and discussed thoroughly when a spaghetti dinner fundraiser is being planned.

Choosing a Time and a Place

One of the most important aspects of hosting a successful spaghetti dinner fundraiser is choosing the correct time and place. In order to ensure that the event will not be directly competing with an alternate gathering, the prospective host should view various community calendars and plan for a time when no other popular event is taking place. Common sense should be utilized when a community organization is choosing a specific time for the fundraiser to take place. A spaghetti dinner fundraiser should ideally be held in the early evening, combining a few hours of an ongoing spaghetti buffet with organization activities and lectures.

It is common for organizations to choose community centers, such as schools and churches, as locations for dinner fundraiser events. Requesting usage of church or school space for a community organization event should be done tactfully, and offering a small percentage of the money raised usually offers the place an incentive for accepting the request. Whether an organization is dedicated to human rights, animal welfare or a legal mission, properly choosing a time and a place will make the event a huge success.

Promoting the Event

Promoting community events has become easier than ever with the rapidly growing hold that social networking has on modern society. Putting advertisements for the event on websites such as Facebook and Twitter will certainly reach an ample amount of potential attendees who reside in the area. If social networking is not bringing in enough people, another more traditional method of event promotion is the strategic placement of posters and bulletins in public areas and shops. For more ideas on how to market your event, check out Rewarding Fundraising Ideas’ post on how to advertise and market the event properly.

Where to Find the Food

It is important not to waste an excessive amount of money on acquiring food for the event. Soliciting local grocery stores for food donations can often save hundreds of dollars. For a spaghetti dinner fundraiser, purchasing generous amounts of pasta, sauce and appetizers such as bread and butter can be expensive without the aid of donations from volunteers or local companies. If local companies are not able to provide a donation of food, the community organization can always ask volunteers to each bring their own jar of sauce and pasta package until there is a large amount of food for the event.