While there have always been people and organizations busy bringing the world hope, the rise of the nonprofit organization has provided a strong platform from which change-makers have strengthened and disseminated their work for the common good. On August 17th we will have a chance to honor our organizations for the third National Nonprofit Day.

What Is National Nonprofit Day?

National Nonprofit day was founded by Sherita J. Herring--a renowned speaker, author, business strategist, and nonprofit expert--in order to encourage people to learn about and become involved with nonprofits and to honor the impact that these organizations have around the world.



Why We Need to Celebrate National Nonprofit Day

There is so much to celebrate about the work, impact, and wonder of charitable nonprofits. On National Nonprofit Day is a day we reflect on the organizations that make a difference in our communities and the individuals behind these organizations who have committed themselves to making a lasting impact. It is an opportunity for nonprofits to tell their stories and advance their missions to a more receptive audience.

Nonprofit organizations are a far more sizable economic force than is commonly appreciated. Based on projections of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, nonprofits are the third largest workforce in the United States, behind only retail trade and manufacturing. Over the last decade, nonprofit jobs have grown nearly four times the rate of the for-profit ones, and they currently employ more than 10% of the private workforce.

It is up to nonprofits, their supporters, and their collaborators to help the world understand the importance of nonprofits so that they can continue to be well-funded and staffed far into the future. National Nonprofit day is only three years old, and not yet widely known. Earth Day took decades to evolve into the international celebration and day of action it is today, which now includes events in over 193 countries. 

However, thanks to the internet, trends and ideas now circulate the world in breakneck time. We have the power to make this national holiday a turning point in way nonprofits are valued.

Five Meaningful Ways to Celebrate National Nonprofit Day

While we may hope that the general public will take the initiative and celebrate nonprofits, it is usually those of us who work with and for nonprofits that really understand the importance of our organizations in our communities. Here are several meaningful ways that nonprofits and their supporters can celebrate and help educate the public.

Highlight the Holiday in Your Communications and Outreach

Thank the People That Keep Your Organization Running

Celebrate the People and Places You Serve

Launch a Campaign

Collaborate With the Community

Reaching Out to Reach Up

Volunteers are celebrating the national non profit day while looking down and smiling at the camera

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National Nonprofit Day is a perfect day to reach out to other organizations. Nonprofits do not live in an organizational bubble; we are all working for the same people. Collaboration makes us stronger. Get to know the nonprofit leaders in your community. Build alliances with other organizations and the people who are working on the same issues as you are or the issues that compliment your own.

While it takes time and energy to plan for an event like a nonprofit fair, one can always start with something small. That small thing could grow each year into a collaborative annual event.


Let's take a minute to honor the nonprofit organization and to create a space for individuals to honor those people and organizations that work to make the world a better place. We can and should advance National Nonprofit Day as a day of action, and it will start with you and me.

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