Icon-SponsorshipHow to Make Sure You Are Using An Effective Sponsorship Letter Format

If you are working on a capital campaign fundraiser, you will likely be reaching out to corporate, government or private sector businesses to request donations or other forms of sponsorship for your non-profit. Even if you’re not confident about your writing skills, following an appropriate format can help you craft a letter that will help you reach your goals. Here are some tips to follow to make sure you’re using the best possible sponsorship letter format.

• Use the proper heading. When writing any type of formal business letter, include the date, the name of your potential donor and all of their contact information including address and zip code.

• Use a formal salutation such as “Dear Mrs. X”. You have to treat a sponsorship letter like you are trying to prompt a business transaction, so formality is necessary in this case.

• Clearly explain the mission of your organization. Tell the recipient why you are contacting them specifically and try to be descriptive, although succinct, about how your charity helps the community.

• Try to find common ground. If you can find some commonality between your organization and the company you are reaching out to, that’s even better. Be sure to include that in your letter.

• Highlight the features and benefits. Will their company get something unique from sponsoring your organization such as cheap advertising or great publicity? Be sure to include this information and remind them that their donations are tax deductible.

• Include all of the necessary details. Make sure to include some sort of call to action that includes a form to fill out for them to donate, a website to visit, or other relevant details. It’s a great idea to end a letter with some sort of call to action.

• Thank them and include your contact details.

It’s always a good idea to follow up by phone to your potential sponsors too. This will let them know that you are serious about partnering with them.