imagesInformation About How To Host An Engraved Brick Fundraiser

Choosing to do an engraved brick fundraiser is a great idea for your charity. It can be a way to make a direct connection between the individual and your organization. Plus, it gives donors the chance to leave a legacy that will last for a lifetime. It leaves something that is beautiful for the setting and it can be a way to raise a significant amount of money for charities. Here is some helpful information about how to host an engraved brick fundraiser:

• Do research online. There are a number of companies that specialize in working with church, school, and veterans groups to do charitable brick fundraisers. Find a company that has been in business for a long time and can demonstrate some of its previous successful charity brick projects. Also, many companies offer resources like help lines and ‘how to’ manuals, so choose one that can offer you the resources that you need.

• Find the location. This can take time and a lot of legwork, but try to find a high-traffic area like a city park, a memorial wall at a school, or a beautiful garden that is frequently visited and work to get the right permissions to build your memorial wall or walkway.

• Make sure to take your fundraiser online. We keep saying this, but getting the word out about your fundraiser is key, so be sure to launch a brick campaign that includes mentions in online newsletters, emails, social media sites, and your organizations blog.

• Set up a table in a place that is frequented by your donors. Be sure to spread the word in person about what you are trying to accomplish and include sample bricks or schematics of your memorial area so that you can show people in person what you want the final product to look like.

• Remind donors of the legacy. This is the best thing about engraved bricks. They will last for generations to come.