hopeIdeas For Raising Money For Cancer

If you’ve ever had a loved one or friend that has become sick or passed from cancer, then you know how important it is to conduct fundraising efforts for cancer research and support. The hard work that many organizations do is critical for finding cures and providing cancer patients and their families with the kind of support and hope that they need. If you want to lend a hand with a cancer fundraiser, then here are some ideas for raising money for cancer:

  • Start a Caring Bridge page. There are many online platforms like CaringBridge.com that you can use, but launching a personalized fundraising campaign online may be your key to success. An online fundraiser is easy because it allows you access to people who may not even know you personally but may relate to your story. You can also add personalized stories, photos and more to tell people about who you are trying to help.
  • Start an email tree. Make a list of all of the people that you know and you have email addresses for—friends, relatives, and co-workers. Type up an email about the cancer patient that you are trying to help with instructions about how people might donate if they are interested in helping. Then send that email to everyone on your list and ask them to forward that email along to everyone on their list. You’d be amazed at how this tactic can be effective in helping to raise money.
  • Create an event related to something that the patient loves. If you’re trying to help a cancer patient who loves to bake, then have a charity bake sale. If they love animals, then have a charity dog wash. Make your fundraising event personal and meaningful to the person that you are holding it for and it will help more than you know.