1346936012_4836_DogWashIdeas For Animal Fundraisers

From pets that need rescuing to wildlife charity causes, there are warm and fuzzy pals the world over that need help. Animal fundraisers can range from small, local charity events to large-scale wildlife group events. For those that want to make a small difference in a big way, here are some ideas for animal fundraisers for small groups or individuals:

  • Start a Crowdrise site or donate directly. Starting an online donation drive page on sites like Crowdrise.com can be a great way to raise money for animals or wildlife. Since these sites allow you to post photos and tell stories about your animal in need, they can really compel audiences to care and get involved. Otherwise, donating directly to an organization that supports your animal in question can help too.
  • Have a 50/50 raffle to help your animal. If you have access to a high-traffic place, you can do an easy 50/50 raffle where half of the proceeds are donated to your animal and the other half go to the person that holds the winning ticket.
  • Bark in the park party. Do you have access to a local dog park? Why not host a charity party at the local dog park? Set up a table with refreshments and snacks (for both humans and dogs) and tell people the story about your pet in need. You can accept donations and you’ll likely raise money and make new friends.
  • Yappy hour. Working humans love to socialize after a long, hard day. Why not include your four-legged furry friends in your happy hour? Find a pet-friendly restaurant or bar and ask to host a charity ‘yappy hour’ for friends, colleagues and other pet owners and let them know the proceeds will go towards your charity.
  • Yard sale. Yard sales and garage sales can be the best fundraisers for any cause, but can certainly help your animals. Get people to donate their unwanted junk, and clean out your own stuff, and host a charity yard sale.