How to write effective letters for sponsors

letters for sponsorsHosting a big event for your non-profit organization can be a costly enterprise. It takes a lot of money and resources to host fundraising shindigs like galas or auctions, but of course they can also be a great way to raise funds too.  That’s where corporate sponsorships come in. Local businesses sometimes love to have an opportunity to flex their ‘philanthropic muscles’ while also reaping the benefits of some extra publicity. One of the most effective ways to get sponsors involved is to craft a fundraising sponsorship letter. Although it takes a bit of research and planning, creating a good letter for sponsors can be an effective way to get local companies involved in your event.

Do Your Homework About the Company

When writing letters for sponsors, make sure that you do your research ahead of time. Many times, the most obvious answer is the correct one, so finding a company that has some kind of common link to your organization is probably the best company to approach first when requesting donations. In your sponsorship letter, make sure that you acknowledge that you understand their corporate culture and be sure to clearly identify that company’s ‘common link’ with your non-profit organization. Your request will be more compelling if they understand that their company has something in common with your organization.

Identify What The Business Will Get Out for Helping You

Yes, many businesses do like to ‘give back’, but some good old fashioned free advertising and positive publicity never hurts. When approaching sponsors via a letter, make sure that you clearly state what their company will get for helping out your cause. Will they get free advertising in your program? Mentions from the members of the press at your auction? Or will they be listed as donors on your website or applauded at your gala? Let them know in the letter what they can expect to receive in return. And don’t forget to mention that their donation is tax deductible.

Include a Sponsorship Form

The one thing that you definitely want to do when sending a sponsorship letter is to include a sponsorship form with a self-addressed envelope. If you make it difficult or time consuming for a company to donate to your organization, chances are they will decline your request. Including an easy to fill out form is not only a call to action, but makes for a quick and easy way for companies to donate money and contribute to your cause.