How to Write a Silent Auction Request Letter 

A silent auction is a great way to raise money for your charity or non-profit organization. In a silent auction, there is no auctioneer and items are selected—usually as part of a donation– to be auctioned off.  Guests of the auction place bids on pieces of paper until the highest bidder wins. It can be a really fun way to raise money while giving people a chance to bid on something valuable. Silent auctions are also a fantastic way to raise awareness about your charity and get the local community involved by asking them to donate items to be auctioned off.  One of the best ways to secure donations for your silent auction is to write a silent auction request letter.


When creating a silent auction request letter, it’s important to be polite and professional, make a compelling case about how your potential donors will be helping your cause, and to make a clear request about how you need their help. Local businesses may have a lot to offer in terms of donations for your auctions. Restaurants may be willing to offer gift cards or free meals, local service-oriented businesses might offer you one of their services to be auctioned off, like free house cleaning session, for example. Local businesses can also benefit from the free advertising they will get by being a part of your charity’s silent auction. To help you start the process of organizing a silent auction, below is a sample silent auction request letter addressed to a local restaurant:


Dear (Restaurant Owner’s Name),

My family and I love eating at (name of the restaurant) . We recently celebrated by daughter’s birthday there, and I always recommend it to my friends and family as a wonderful family-oriented place to eat (with delicious food)!

Recently, I was put in charge of organizing a silent auction for my church food pantry. The money raised in the silent auction will go towards a much needed “feed the hungry” program in the City of Houston, called No One Goes Hungry.

We would be thrilled if you would consider donating a gift card or a restaurant experience from (name of the restaurant). You will receive free advertising in our church bulletin which reaches more than 4,000 families. You will also receive recognition during our silent auction as an auction donor.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I hope that you will consider a donation. Please feel free to reach out by phone if you have any questions.


(Signature and contact information)