online-fundraisingHow To Raise Money Online

If you’re in charge of fundraising for charity, you just can’t afford NOT to take your non-profit work online. Online fundraising is now the ‘norm’, not the exception, and it can make your fundraising efforts go from zero to hero in no time. If you’re new to online fundraising or just need a refresher, heed this advice for how to raise money online:

  • Select an online platform with a track record of success. Websites like,, and are just a few of the fundraising platforms that you can choose to leverage for donations. They are easy to use and reach a wide variety of audiences.
  • Use social media, especially when multimedia is common. Social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest can be especially beneficial because you can include lots of imagery and even video marketing. Creating an emotional connection with potential donors will be critical to your success, so including visual content can really help draw that connection for audiences. Plus of course you can access new audiences that way.
  • Utilize email marketing. Email marketing is the new snail mail marketing, so it goes without saying that your non-profit should have some type of newsletter or email blast that goes out to donors and potential donors at least once per month. Make sure your content is compelling, current, and relevant to your donors.
  • Leverage existing contacts. Yes, fundraising is about reaching new potential donors and building new relationships, but it’s also about fostering the relationships with supports that you already have. Use your internal network of existing contacts first, and then branch out from there.  Be sure to have a blog, a newsletter, and a strong social media presence where interested parties can go to learn about the latest organizational updates, stories, and information about the good work that your charity is doing.