imagesHow to Raise Funds for Your Mission Trip through Your Church

So, you need to solicit the members of your church for donations for a cause in support of your upcoming mission trip and you don’t know where to start. In addition to writing and sending out a personal mission trip donation letter asking for funds, you might try some more creative strategies to raise money for your church mission trip. With a little collaboration between your fellow missionaries and the members of your church, you can raise the necessary funds while spreading awareness of your cause. Here are some great ways to raise funds for your mission trip through your church:


The Church Newsletter

Many large churches and congregations have some type of church bulletin or newsletter, and they are often eager to print news of interest. Contact the person that is in charge of your church newsletter and ask if you can write a mission trip donation letter to your entire congregation and include it in the church newsletter. Even a small blurb in the church newsletter about your mission trip can be a powerful way to ask for donations. The more people that you reach in your church, the better chance you have of making your financial goal.


Host A Dinner

People love to socialize and they especially appreciate good food. Get together with the other people that are joining you on your mission trip and host a special dinner for your church congregation. Make it fun and simple and host a chili cook-off or a spaghetti dinner. Enlist the help of a local restaurant or a team of cooks directly from your congregation to take care of the food. Charge the members of your church an entry fee for the dinner and let them know that the proceeds will be going directly to your mission trip. This is a great way to garner support for your cause—and enjoy a delicious meal in fellowship and friendship!


Have A Bake Sale

Another great way to raise money for a mission trip can be a church bake sale. Ask for help from friends and relatives who have great recipes for chocolate chip cookies or homemade pies. Get together with the other people joining your mission trip and have a baking day where you create an array of delicious baked goodies and prepare to present them to your church members. Ask for permission to have a bake sale after each church service and watch your donations grow.