Giving the gift that never ends, a wine gift basket, is always something that hits home when given to the recipient. The recipient will treasure any gift they are given, but what about a gift that is über personalized?  From holiday season, to a DIY gift basket for a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion, you can’t go wrong with wine. A wine gift basket is great, but consider making it yourself versus buying a pre-assembled basket. The DIY feature allows you to personalize the entirety of the basket.

The Techie Gadget Enthusiast

The Apps

Know someone who needs the latest gadgets, always downloads the latest apps, and constantly knows when new releases are coming out? If so, these are a few ways to create a great DIY gift basket:
Give them a list of the latest wine apps out there. This will let them find the perfect wine pairings for any meal or dish they are going to make.

Food and Wine Pairing

Handy Wine Chart

Swirl Pro- A Wine Guide


Wine Master

The Wine Channel

Wine Notes

The Useful Gift

A nice, sleek, elegant thermometer or high-tech wine opener kit will go a long way in their gift basket.
Cool gadgets, such as wireless wine openers  or the Houdini Lever Corkscrew are also a great idea for their gift basket.

Along with these cool gadgets, you’ll also want to include their favorite wine. If you’re making the basket for a fundraiser, just do a generic red, white, and rosé.


You know the person who “goes green” for everything? Why not create a custom DIY wine basket for this individual? Many wine makers create custom wine bottles, which leave as little of a carbon footprint behind as possible. Tote bags (rather than plastic wrapping) or a cool cork coaster set, is also a nice addition to add to their wine basket. Need wine glasses? Think about it, utilize those gifts that that can be used for other things, keep in mind that has some great deals that can address all your needs and it’s a great place to buy!

For the Newlyweds

For a couple who recently got married (or is engaged to get married) wine is a great gift the couple is bound to enjoy. When preparing their wine basket, there are a few simple things you can throw into the mix to create the perfect combination. How about a personalized wine box? You can put their name, wedding date, and other personalized ideas (and custom box shapes) for their gift basket. Etched wine glasses are also a nice addition. You can order “Mr. and Mrs. or His and Hers” wine glasses. Custom made wine charms, elegant pictures or personalized frames, can all go into their basket. A great way to commemorate their day, and the perfect personalized gift the couple will love for years to come. This could also be great for a bridal shower too!

The Food Lovers

If you’re looking for inexpensive (not cheap) gift baskets, a food lovers basket may not be the most wallet friendly thing, especially if you’re shipping it five minutes away or an island away. If you are going to send a gift basket by delivery with perishables, be sure that you have ice to keep it cool, or when it is delivered, it will be the end of the food. Things to consider for your gourmet, luxury wine basket? Kosher meat and cheese pack or coupons to get steak, fruit and nuts, Godiva chocolate or other sweet treats. For perishable items, maybe include a coupon or a discount so that they can get the items that they like.

Other Beverages

If you’ve got someone that doesn’t like spirits like wine, think of beer or coffee for those that may not enjoy wine. Just keep in mind, some beers are not gluten free, thus may not be safe for those with a gluten allergy. Men may not favor certain flavors where as women may not favor others. If you’re looking for a more organic theme, don’t consider adding other options. This is more of a unique and original gift.

Other Things To Pop In The Basket

A wine gift basket doesn’t just have to be wine and wine essentials. Think about it… What do you do when you have a glass of wine? More than likely, you’re having dinner, at the spa, or simply enjoying some time with a significant other. Including a spa gift card allows the receiver to have a relaxing day at the spa and come home and have a glass of wine. Include some flowers, every girl loves receiving a flower bouquet! Or if you recall, as mentioned above, some may not enjoy cheese and wine, but may enjoy a beer and a cigar. Just because it is a wine themed basket, doesn’t mean that it has to just include wine or sets pertaining to wine.

Wine Events You Need To Know About

Event Location More Information
Calgary Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival Calgary, Canada

Food, Wine & Nightlife in Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada
Wine Deliver Service Toronto, Canada
MA Wine Tastings and Tours Massachusetts
NYC Wineries New York
Best Wine Bars in Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA
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Wine From Around The World

Wines from around the world are great, but do you really know where you’re drinking your wine from? It’s pretty neat to know if you’re drinking Itailian or French wine. Look out Napa Valley, you may have your Cakebread, but France is way more prestigious with their wine.  Maybe German? The nice thing about wine? You can either order it on promo or have a code or codes to order wine from all over the world or you can actually travel over the hill and across the pond to get the total experience! (Online purchasing allows you to read reviews about different wines from state to state or county to country).

Keep in mind, wholesalers like Costco may only have certain wines where as online has tons of tags to other wines to try! It’s all about how you want to purchase your wine!

USA UK Italy France Germany
Barefoot Wines Sauvignon Blanc Prosecco Champagne Riesling
Pinot Noir Zinfandel Chardonnay
Moscato Malbec Wines
Stella Rosa Merlot

Fun facts: In 2014, France wasn’t even on the top 100 list (stated in the Wine Enthusiast catalog found online at, but Portugal was number 9 with their port wine.

Did you know that there is a Hello Kitty wine??

No matter who you are purchasing gifts for, you can custom create a personalized gift for these individuals instead. For the wine enthusiast on your holiday shopping list, a DIY wine basket is one which they are surely going to appreciate. A gift which shows you truly care. These are a few simple and affordable ideas for you to consider. Remember to add a poem or tag, with a little “hello” to let the receiver know who the gift is from!

These fundraiser baskets can be used for a thank you, a sympathy gift, or a Christmas gift! This is a great homemade gift to give and can be given as a fine personal gift or as a corporate gift–It’s one in the same. If you’re really ambitious and really looking to get the jobs done, give it to your valentine!