A pancake breakfast fundraiser is an excellent way to make real money and benefit the needy people in your community. That said there are many steps you need to take to make it happen. Thankfully, most of these are relatively easy to understand and shouldn’t be too hard for the average person to implement. Follow them as accurately as possible to create the best pancake breakfast fundraiser possible.

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Organizing the Fundraiser Aspects

When starting up your pancake breakfast fundraiser, it is important to set up the fundraising aspects of the event. For example, you need to choose a charity that you want to benefit, get your proper licensing, and find a place to hold the event. These steps are relatively simple to perform, though they do require a little specialization in your skill set.

1. Choosing a Charity

Who do you want to benefit from your pancake breakfast fundraiser? There are many charities that you can choose. For example, school art and music programs always need extra money. You could also benefit the needy in the area by donating directly to the public. Analyze the needs of your area and find a group that most needs your help.

2. Getting Licensed

Typically, a pancake breakfast fundraiser is going to need some licensing before it can open. For example, you’re going to need licenses to prepare large amounts of food for everyone. Then, you’ll need a license for the area that you are using to host the event. Last, you’ll need a non-profit license for fundraising. Each of these is typically quite easy to obtain from your local government officials.

3. Choosing a Location

How many people do you want to come to your pancake breakfast fundraiser? You should aim for at least a couple hundred. After deciding on the number of attendees, take the time to research possible places to hold the event. Try to find someplace with a large indoor area and a kitchen area. Community centers are often a great place to consider as they can host a large number of people and usually have some kitchen area.

Scheduling Your Breakfast

After finding a place to hold your pancake breakfast fundraiser, pick a date that works for the largest number of people. Check school schedules and event calendars to ensure you don’t pick a busy day. Now, you need to schedule a time for the event to begin. We suggest about 9:30, as this will give you time to open up the center and start early preparation at about 7-8.

1. Advertising the Event

In the months and weeks before the pancake breakfast fundraiser, advertise it in your local newspaper, online, and sell tickets in advance. Keep track of the tickets as you sell them to get an idea of how much food you’ll have to make. Try to sell out all your tickets to maximize your potential fundraising money.

2. Selecting Your Staff

A good pancake breakfast fundraiser needs a crew of dedicated workers who are prepared to help out. Your staff should include a variety of different types of volunteer workers, including:

  • Setup team who put up the tables and buffet lines
  • Buyers who purchase your preparation materials
  • Chefs who prepare the food for you
  • Security crew who ensures nothing bad happens
  • Ticket sellers at the gate in case any are left over
  • Photographer to take pictures of the event as it occurs
  • Cleanup crew to prepare the area before and clean it up after
  • Buffet crew to man the food stations

Try to give all your volunteers something small for participation, such as a gift card. In this way, they will appreciate having helped out with your pancake breakfast fundraiser.

3. Finding Inexpensive Food

The hardest part about your pancake breakfast fundraiser will be finding inexpensive food. You’re going to need pancake mix, bacon, sausage, juice, milk, coffee, tea, bread for toast, jam, and more. Talk to your local grocery stores to get donations for the event. Most stores will donate to events like these as a way of showcasing good will to the community.

You also need to talk to the local health inspector before starting your breakfast. They will inspect the area, check the quality of your food, and make sure that your food preparation workers know what they are doing. This step ensures that everything will run smoothly at your pancake breakfast fundraiser.

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Preparing the Pancakes

Once you have everything set up and it’s the day of the pancake breakfast fundraiser, it is time to cook your food. You’re going to need several large stoves and many chefs working full-time to get this done. Thankfully, pancakes are relatively easy to prepare and stay warm over an extended period.

Cooking other food, such as eggs, sausage, and bacon, will be a little trickier. Don’t hesitate to bake sausage and bacon in the oven to save room on the top of your stove. Roasted meat is typically a little healthier as it is easier to remove the grease and fat.

Keeping the Food Warm

After finishing your food, place it in a warming tray in a buffet-style table. These tables are the best way to host a pancake breakfast fundraiser because they make it easier for your guests to line up and get their food.

They also keep everything nice and warm during the whole event. You’ll probably need several of these tables for your breakfast, so make sure to include them in your budget or find someone who will donate a few.

Don’t Forget Entertainment

While everyone is enjoying your pancake breakfast fundraiser, integrate fun games and activities to keep everyone engaged. These can include kids games as well as ones for adults. Races and raffle events are usually acceptable.

By following these simple steps, you can create the kind of high-quality breakfast fundraiser that your community deserves. By maximizing everyone’s enjoyment and cooking great food, you ensure that people will come to future events.

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