Imagine raising money for a cause while you entertain your public. Also, picture having your name as the organizer of a fruitful and memorable event. In your area. This is the kind of event that both you and the public will be eager to repeat. Who would not want to raise money for a cause and use such an idea? This is the reason why we have compiled seven steps for you to quickly learn how to organize a color run.

You know those pictures on the internet with people smiling and showing off the multitude of colors on their T-shirts? This article aims to show you how to organize a color run and place one of those images next to a hashtag or logo you have created. Let’s read more!

how to organize a color run

General Information about the Color Run

At first glance, the color run may seem like jogging which requires more logistics. It is so, indeed. But, in this case, participants must pass by a few stations. With each of them, they earn a new color on their T-shirts. The public enjoys participating at such fun events, and therefore many are trying to learn how to organize a color run.

A color run might boost your organization or charity cause for a long time. However, it requires plenty of attention, so we can say it’s mandatory to organize it flawlessly. Before looking at the below seven steps for your event, here are some facts you need to check, to make sure that your color run is possible.

  • State laws and restrictions regarding public events, and logistics used for them;
  • The time frame you will need for a color run. Some say that you can organize the event in 9 weeks. Consider all the necessary actions you need to take. Then, see how you can work on it;
  • The when and the where are also significant factors when you think of how to organize a color run. You need to have a free park or street and obtain an authorization for setting up an event there. Also, the time you choose must be unoccupied by other activities, or celebrations.
  • The concept of the event must be unique, even if it is a color run for charity. You need to make sure that your color runs stands out, not only that it was successful. After all, its purpose is to raise money. See how you can place the fundraising element in a friendly manner and how to inform the public about it.

How to Organize a Color Run: 7 Steps to the Finish Line

1. Gather Up the Logistics

The first phase of the project is also the most demanding. Most of the information on how to organize a color run lies in this stage. This is when you plan the budget, your resources, supplies, and how to promote your event to the public.

Make sure that you will have everything you need. Among others, this should include:

  • Exact necessary amount of color powder;
  • Water supplies for participants;
  • Solutions to clean up the place of the event;
  • A route which covers the distance and is friendly;
  • An estimated duration of the running itself and the entire event.

2. Find Your People

Before reaching out to the audience, there is another crucial step in learning how to organize a color run: gathering people. Typically, you need first to determine what specialized collaborators you might need if you don’t already have them.

  • Consider the event and recruit all the staff members that you might need. Even if you have a small organization, you should not plan yourself the entire event, as there are high chances to forget some details along the way.
  • Recruit volunteers for the day of the event and train them for their tasks. They might pour powder on the participants, or show the way to the cleaning up spot. Regardless of their duties, they need to know specifically what they should do.

3. Get Sponsorship

Your color run is a fundraising event. And your game requires a budget. This is the simple reason why you need to knock on doors and get sponsorship. They can provide you with the money you need, and they can even aid with products.

If you manage to get some big names on the sponsorship list, your association with their company might also boost your image.

4. Promote the Event

It is now time to decide how your color run stands out. For example, the finish line is where most of the pictures take place, and spread your event on social media. You can develop your hashtag, or even make an after-event online contest based on the photos.

Also, you can think of some interactive and fun giveaways for the event for participants.

5. Inform the Public

Another major step in seeing how to organize a color run is to let the audience know what they need for the event. You might include notifying them of:

  • Wearing white T-shirts;
  • The running kit – with sunglasses, a small bag for phones, and others;
  • What the color powder is made of;
  • How many stations they need to pass;
  • A funny and friendly flier with tips, where you can also mention the fundraising.

color run event

6. Cleaning Up the Participants

Many care about this detail on cleaning up after the event. You cannot have the picture of how to organize a color run completed if you don’t give your participants the chance to clean up before leaving the event.

You can think of plenty of solutions since color powder cleans best while it’s still dry.

7. Tick the Event

If the finish line has crossed, this doesn’t mean that your job is done. You have just earned a new public, so you need to keep them updated and close to you. Therefore, after the event, you can send them a Thank You email. The email should include how much money were raised, and where will you send them.

Even at this point you can make the experience interactive, by making a contest and take a participant with you – if you donate the money to a cause in a particular place. Now, you have higher chances of earning a loyal public, that will participate in future events also.

The Finish Line

Below you have only a few reasons why you should know exactly how to organize a color run. It does not differ a lot than other events. But it will require logistics and attention. The fun part is that you can participate in the color run yourself. Then, you will understand why such events are successful.

Did you try a color run before? Or have you run at such an event? Share your experience with us!

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