Want to know how to make a flyer appealing to people? It is not that difficult, and it can be a quick and cheap way to get a message across.

A flyer for a marketing method is not new. Before computers and the Internet, flyers were one of the few ways that people could get a message out without spending a lot of money.

How to Make a Flyer

These days, making a flyer is simple. This is not like the era before computers when you had to use a ditto machine to make copies. Here are some suggestions and tips to help you make a simple flyer:


 Equipment You Will Need to Make a Flyer

How to Make a Flyer from Printer

All you need is access to a computer, printer, and photocopying machine.

In fact, you do not even need a photocopying machine, depending on how many copies of your flyer you need to make. You can print out copies directly from your printer.

However, using an inkjet printer is not very cost effective. Inkjet printer ink runs out quickly, and it can be very expensive to replace.

If you want to print copies using a printer, try a LaserJet. If you have or can get a LaserJet printer, printing flyers with it will be much cheaper and more cost effective in the long run than using an Inkjet printer.

At any rate, you will need a computer, to create the flyer, and then either use your own printer or the printer at a copy shop to print the flyer. Then, you will need to make copies of the printed flyer.

Color or Black and White?

How to Make a Flyer Color or Black and White

When considering how to make a flyer, you should also choose whether your flyer will be color or black and white. A color flyer will require more ink, especially if you are printing out a small number of flyers on a home copy machine.

Color copies at the local copy shop will also cost more than black and white flyer copies.

Thus, black and white flyers are much more economical overall. Of course, you do not have to use white paper with black ink – you can add “color” to your flyer by printing a black and white design on bright colored paper, which could be green, blue, yellow, pink, or orange.

The colored paper will cost more than plain white paper, but it may still be cheaper than printing entirely in color.

6 Tips on How to Make a Flyer Appealing

You do not have to spend oodles of money to know how to make a flyer that will get results. However, you still need to focus on making a quality flyer. There is no point in printing something if it is just going to embarrass you or tarnish your brand. Here are some on how to make a flyer that can actually get the results you want.

Have a Clear Message

glass, knife, plate, fork, simple headline as one of the steps on how to make a flyer

Image: Public Domain US, via Wikimedia Commons

Your flyer should focus on one main message. This should be the main call to action for the flyer. In order for the flyer’s recipients to get the message, you need to be clear on it first. Ask yourself (or your team):

  • What is the purpose of the flyer?
  • What is the main action you want people to take after reading the flyer?
  • What is the single most important issue you want to educate people about?
  • What message would inspire people to act?

Take some time to think about what message you want to send. It should be focused on something that is important to the person reading the flyer, not something that is important just to you or your organization.

Let’s say your non-profit organization needs to raise money for adoption and raise funds because it is going through a budget shortfall. If your message is all about the budget shortfall, without explaining why the reader of the flyer should care, then it won’t work so well.

However, if you explain in your fundraising flyer that the budget shortfall means that a critical no-kill animal shelter may shut down, that will be of interest to the people reading your flyer.

KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

This is related to point number one, but it is important enough to be its own bullet.

First, you want your flyer to focus on one main message or point and fundraising success stories. Second, make sure that you make that point succinctly and without too much over-elaboration.

You won’t get very far if your flyer is cluttered with too much information.

This is actually a common mistake with flyers. You have perhaps seen a flyer or a brochure that tries to stuff too much information into a small space. The print is small, and there are few paragraph breaks for how to make a flyer.

At its worst, a cramped flyer like this can make you or your organization look some crazy fringe cult.

Do not worry about giving all the details on how to make a flyer. Your flyer should be more of a teaser. If you need to share more detailed information, it should be placed on a website. You can share the link to the website information on the flyer.

Use Direct Language

How to Make a Flyer with Direct Language

Along with being clear about your message, and not overwhelming your reader with too much text, use direct language. Use short, simple sentences that are easy to read and scan.

You want the reader of your flyer to be able to understand what you are asking for quickly.

This is not the time to use quaint, formal, Victorian language. Instead, use the language of advertising to get your point across simply and directly.

For example, instead of saying:

Our organization does a lot to help homeless animals find shelter and stay warm and fed until we can find them a new home with a happy family.

Try this:

Help a homeless animal! Support our no-kill shelter!

Use Graphics, But Sparingly

How to Make a Flyer Using Graphics

The benefit of using a flyer, especially if you are a small funny nonprofit organization with a small budget, is that you can potentially print a lot of them for a little bit of money.

As we already explained, color copies are more expensive, and a full-color flyer will take a lot more printer ink to print.

This is why you should consider carefully whether or not you really need a glossy full-color photo on your flyer. It will cost a lot more in terms of ink and copying.

Will that color photo really add to the message? Will it make the difference between someone acting on your flyer or not?

Sometimes yes, and sometimes no.

Now, there may be situations where adding a full-color photo could really make a difference on a flyer.

Consider the animal welfare group that wants to generate funding for a new no-kill shelter. A full-color photo of a cute dog or cat who needs a home will tug on heartstrings and perhaps inspire a big donation.

However, if you are trying to raise money for a political organization, you may not need a full-color photograph. Some black and white line art would be just fine.

Make Sure You Include Contact Information

How to Make a Flyer with Contact Information

This might seem obvious, but it’s not. It is far too easy to create a compelling, succinct flyer, have a bunch of copies printed out, and then realize you forgot to add your contact information.

If you have no contact information on your flyer, you have for the most part wasted a lot of time and money.

Oh sure, some people might be able to find you by searching for your organization’s name on the Internet. But how many will do that? And will they find your website or someone else’s?

Make sure you have contact information on your flyer. At the minimum, this should be a URL that is printed large enough for people to read easily. It may also include a phone number, email address, and snail mail address (optionally).

If you want to track whether your flyer got your website any new traffic, you can use a special page just for people who pick up your flyer.

The page could be something like http://yourwebsite.com/special-flyer-page

You can also use Google Analytics tracking, but, usually, Google Analytics URLs are a bit more complicated and would be harder to type in. You should use a URL that is not overly long or complex.

Proofread Your Copy

Hand, Pen, Paper, Proofreading as one of the ways on how to make a flyer

It is really important that you proofread your copy before printing your flyer and distributing it. If your flyer is riddled with simple typos, it will make you and your organization look bad. Get a second and third person to review the flyer to make sure everything makes sense. Make sure you have words spelled correctly.

Above all, make sure your contact information is correct. Your URL, phone number, and address all need to be 100% correct or you have just wasted your time.

Now You Know How to Make a Flyer

Making a flyer is not that difficult. The key thing is to make something that is simple, direct, and easy to read. Good luck!