Kind hearted individuals, usually in their respective organizations, come together to brainstorm to think of effective fundraising ideas. This may be done within the community, which may involve the participation of its different sectors such as the church, the government, nongovernment organizations and the schools among others. One of the most successful ways to raise funds is through the school. Not only do the students have a chance to participate in it but also their parents, relatives and outsider friends. There are certain factors to consider in thinking about school fundraising ideas.

The Pre-Game

Before starting the project, every co-organizer should be familiar with every detail to have consistency. Questions will be hoist if one coordinator tells different specifications from the other. Having frequent meetings before the execution is a requirement to familiarize each member of the entire elements. It is also important to let the community feel the urgency and the need of the project so that you can get their full support and contribution. Deliver a convincing yet factual opening remark on the start of the activity.

If you feel that you or your group is not adequate to plan this event, see about an event planner to help you out!

Ideas That Will Blow You Away

Consider This

Next factor is that you must know the social status of the majority of the students and the neighborhood. If one of your fund raising ideas is to auction or sell things, you should know what they need. Think of items that they are willing to buy for this cause. You can offer it at a cheap to a costly price as long as it is affordable for the participants. Have a catchy slogan for your school fundraising ideas. Have a phrase that tells the whole concept of the activity.

Put up appealing posters and banners. Give out flyers and announce it in social networking sites to let the community be aware of the mission. In no time, people from your neighborhood and nearby cities will be swarming over to your area. You should also be specified in the outline of the cause. Provide proper documents if necessary. You do not want your contributors to think of it as a scam. So, it is ideal to indicate specific details. You can even print out your own banners.

Get yourself a good printer and to make that happen!

Don’t forget about sponsorship letters either! You may find that they provide you with the extra boost that you need!

Have a Plan

It is straightforward to plan for school fundraising ideas. All you need is the cooperation and support of the people around you. You cannot achieve this without your dedication as well as you co-organizers’ passion for reaching out. With these put together, those fundraising ideas will materialize and be a success in no time. Always remember that more heads are better than one.

Though working alone is possible, it is way better to work with other people with the same enthusiasm. It makes all the process flow faster. From planning to the fundraising proper to the accomplishment, more people taking part means a greater and more successful outcome. Everything may seem impossible to conduct at first. But with enough trust on your companions and efforts to achieve the goal, you can go through every obstacle you may encounter along the way. Just stay active.

Fun and Effective

Fundraising is used to help you finance many campaigns and events, from school and church trips to athletic uniforms for teams or art supplies for young adults with autism. One of the keys to fundraising will be to ensure it is fun to undertake. No one wants to take on activities that aren’t fun. When the fundraising undertaking is fun, the excitement will spill over towards the sales effort, and more funds could be raised.

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There are many different solutions to raise money; some will raise more money than others and a few call for upfront capital for you to use them. As well as the fundraising ideas listed here the only thing that is necessary is a touch of creativity and more fundraising ideas are usually created.

Think Outside the Box

Different fundraising ideas produce different results, and since it’s important for charities to be able to receive money quickly, and from as many people as possible, finding a good idea is crucial. While some prefer door-to-door actions, there are also online solutions, like the recommended site, which are easier to use and you can rest assured that your money is ending up in the right place. It does take alot of time and effort pulling off the arts of finding an idea to fundraise upon.

Food for Thought

One of the more creative, fundraising ideas that schools, churches, boy and girl scouts may use is Fun Pasta. Fun Pasta serves as a program which allows people to offer pasta in over 300 various shapes and meal packages like soups and pasta salad. The prepackaged pasta includes all sorts of sizes; as pasta salad packages that include basic spices; and as complete soup packets. With a shelf life of 24 months, selling this pasta often is the easiest money people have ever made. And, Fun Pasta offers individuals a 40-50% average profit.

As an alternative, people can also sell other food items like candy bars, popcorn, and donuts. Food fundraisers are usually a big hit and easier to raise money with than some of the other types of fundraising that have to have more effort. After all, everyone has to eat! Many groups send their fundraising product, particularly candy bars, to work with their families. When put into the break room in offices, sales are guaranteed. Often, a consumable that’s available on the spot is easy to sell. Keep in mind that bake sales also make bank.

Methods of Fundraising

The Idea Source

Your local newspaper may also be a good source of fundraising ideas. If there are organizations in your area holding fundraisers, think about how they went about their fundraiser– It may be a viable option for your group as well. It’s OK to use the same sort of fundraiser as another group– these events are not copyrighted, to be fair, they are simply utilized to bring in the dough.

The Generic Method

Fundraising could come in the form of services. Carwashes undoubtedly are ubiquitous, especially in the summertime. Most people have seen the group carwashes where kids have gathered around with their buckets and garden hoses washing cars for a meager price while one or two stands near the edge of the road waving signs beckoning cars in. Even though this does take physical effort, it doesn’t require much financial input. A bottle of soap, some buckets, and old rags are everything that it takes.

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Along the same line as carwashes are dog washes. The fundraising ideas is equivalent to the carwash except having to advertise in advance. Not everyone has their pet in their automobile, although some do, so flyers would need to be place leading to an event. A cat, a dog, or really any animal is great advertisement for shelters. Even involve the shelter, they may be willing to donate supplies!


While holidays are all the same with having a them and things like that, there are some different factors, outside the box factors that you can think of to really get people to want to participate. The other great things about holidays? They pull people together.

New Years

New Years is around the time that everyone is going back to work between the Christmas and New Year break. But the great thing about New Years is also a great time for those that are getting rid of old toys. If you’ve got a bunch of old toys that are being replaced by new ones, try having a toy drive.

If people see it as beneficial to them to get rid of their old toys, they will more than likely give them up willingly. Once you’ve collected enough toys you can donate them to the cancer center for children or sell them to make a profit to donate to your favorite charity.

Valentines Day

A charitable event does not have to be full of love and mush when it comes to a charity around valentines day. In fact, it may be a challenge to come up with a profitable fundraiser around this time that isn’t cheesy. Try a candle sale.  Maybe a kissing booth? What about a flower handout. The proceeds that you make from this can go directly to your cause!

One great idea? Host a chocolate auction! Get different chocolate baskets and auction them off. If you do this around valentines day, you’ll more than likely make a killing. Girls love chocolate and guys like to make their girls happy! Who will your valentine be?

St. Patties Day

St. Patties Day is a big drinking holiday because it’s founders are… You guessed it… Big drinkers! Many colleges have parties to celebrate. While most Irish are Catholic, there are some that don’t wish to partake in the heavy drinking that does not mean the fundraiser cannot be fun. Get ahead of the game.  Instead of totally 86ing the idea, fill a tumbler with some thoughtful “after St. Patties rescue kit”. This can include, chocolate, Tylenol, or coupons to a restaurant.

You know there will be hangovers, you know people will crave sweets, and you know people won’t want to cook. Collaborate with a local restaurants and ask if they would offer you coupons in exchange for customers. Sell the filled tumblers at decent price to you make a profit.

Fourth of July

The weather is nice, a little warm, but nothing you can’t handle. How can you entice everyone to come out? A Carnival, that’s how! Who doesn’t love a good, fun filled afternoon at a carnival. There are rides, content areas for those that are competitive, and you can’t forget about the carnival food!

If you don’t have enough money to supply a whole carnival with payment, try creating your own carnival. You can have a bake sale, each person participating in making the carnival happen can bring a baked good to sell. Have fun games such as corn hole and yard golf available to play. Make an obstacle course that makes everyone laugh.

A carnival does not have to be a super expensive or break the bank. If everyone puts something in and makes it a fun and social time for those attending the event, then you’ll surely make money. You can even have tickets to make it seem like a real carnival.


Halloween is an easy a great way to fundraise. Many love to dress up and collect candy. They enjoy seeing the joy on their kids faces when it comes to all the candy the collect. Parents like seeing their kids’ imagination when it comes to choosing their costumes. So what better way to make money they host a trunk or treat or “Halloween Hallways” at a church or school?

This is a safe place to dress up and get candy versus walking around to strangers homes and knocking on their doors. Ask parents to decorate their cars trunk or collaborate with the local high school or church to see if they would be willing to help.

This is great for a food bank donation. Ask for two to three canned goods for admission in. The food that is collected can go to the food bank. Don’t forget the candy!


Thanksgiving is a time for not only thanks, but family time. What brings families together more than food? The answer is nothing. Food is something that will always give you the opportunity to come together. Having a fundraiser that provided food to everyone may be a little difficult, but a great way to help with that?  A cookbook!

Get together with your fundraising committee and create a cookbook that will withstand the test of time. The proceeds from these cookbooks can go toward the starving children in Africa or for Army troops that aren’t able to be with their families over the holidays, send gift boxes to them. Every time someone opens your cookbook, their heart strings will tug and they will think of you when they cook using the recipes.


Christmas is a time for giving and there are often times that the giving is abundant. Why not give back even more? Think adoption… Well, not really, but adopt a family. Not only does this benefit you, but this also benefits a family or multiple families that may not have the means to provide a fun Christmas morning for their children.

In order to do this, you’re going to need to make some serious dough. Seek out different associations that may give you the ability to host an event for little or no money. Host a bingo evening with donated prizes. Use the money to go toward buying the gifts for each family that you’ve adopted.

Schools and Day Cares

Sports like baseball, softball, basketball, cheerleading, and soccer are great ways to learn to work as a team. Fundraising is just that. Working as a team. For sports teams, it’s fun to play their sport, but what about trying something new. Obviously betting isn’t something that you would see in an elementary school, but maybe try a relay or even a new sport, like bowling.

You’ve heard of Relay for Life, right? You ask people to back you per lap or per hour depending on your location. Depending on how many laps you do, that’s how much your sponsor will have to pay you, either per lap or per hour. It’s a unique concept. You can do this for thinks like a bowling competition too! Make your fundraiser a fun event. The PTA will have fun organizing these events!


Scholarship, sororities or fraternities, alumni are the three stages of college. Raising money for college isn’t like it used to be back in the day. There is no PTO that raises the money for you. You’ve got to figure out a way make the money for your missions trip to Hawaii or to get those shirts for your club. There is no middle man making the money for you anymore. College is an individual choice, much like a sorority or a fraternity.

With those choices come sacrifices and there are times that you’ve got to scout out the opportunities. Sure, while you’re educating yourself, you may not be privy to the finer things in life. Think about your surroundings what do the people around you need.

While you may not need to fundraise for a nonprofit, you may need a small amount of help to make some quick cash for the spring fling dance or a student social. While hosting  a fast and free fundraiser may cool, it won’t quite cub it unless you hold a boot drive.  Try a DIY shirt and posters to let people know what you’re collecting money for and get to fundraising.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are often full of later life adults, it isn’t until you get into hospice that you’re looking at end of life, but even these old biddies have their clubs. Just because they’re elderly, that does not mean that they’re bound to have epilepsy or other illnesses. This does not mean that they’ve lost their youth. It just means that they’ve got the teeter-tots and may need a little help.

Fundraisers aren’t always about raising money. Sometimes you just need supplies. While their fundraisers that they throw may not be a boot drive like the hip college teens, they may go for the more sophisticated route and utilize a gift basket. Think about it, grandma always gives you the most personal gift, like a homemade scarf or a simple blanket that she crocheted. Nursing homes are great for top notch, non-generic gift baskets simply because they were made with love.


Hospitals are often a time for sad news. You hear about sicknesses and illnesses that take over babies lungs or the cough that the little old lady in 5088 developed over the course of the night. You’ll often see signs for breast cancer awareness, hearing about those fundraisers about doing a 5k to raise money for the cause.

While this is a great fundraiser for a workplace like a hospital, this may not be the best for the winter months, due to the sheer fact that most 5k’s happen in the summer months. While it is unusual for a hospital to host a marathon, also known as a thon, there may be great benefit in a hospital setting. It can also raise morale of not only staff, but patients as well!

Try utilizing hospital rules and regulations as a standard to go by. While you should be following rules and regulations at all times, there are some instances that slip through the cracks. For example, have your charting done for the day by the desired time. Count the number of days that there were no fall documents filed. Have the employees put money on which floor will “lose” when it comes to this marathon. A little friendly tournament or competition never hurt anyone!

As you can see nonprofits and corporate office buildings aren’t the only ones that utilize fundraising when it comes to raising a little extra money, boosting morale, and taking care of what needs to be done when it comes to getting the job done. Grab your coffee and think up a plan for your next fundraising event. While you may not need money, maybe you just need school supplies, a fundraiser could be your answer. What are some of your fundraising ideas? What fundraising ideas have worked best for you in the past? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you!