4792eb03fd82a7b6b35dac276a3095f9How To Ask For Donations For A Fundraiser

Donation requests can be really intimidating. If you’re not used to making a donation request, it can seem really daunting at first, but by backing up your request with benefits and being able to overcome objections, you will get comfortable with doing this in no time. Below are some helpful tips that will teach you how to ask for donations for a fundraiser:

• Create a sponsorship letter. Sending out a donation request letter is probably one of the most common ways to make a donation request. If you’re new to this, take a look at any sample donation request letter online and you’ll get the gist. You need to ask for something specific, provide readers with a case study about why they should donate to your cause and then include a direct request for action.

• Email a donation letter. If you’re not into using the old snail mail donation letter method, why not try an email marketing campaign? Simply include your donation letter in a visually compelling email format and include a donation request form to make donating easy for people. You’ll find this a cost effective and easy way to fundraise.

• Start with people. When asking for donations get back to the basics and just start simply asking the people around you. Colleagues, friends and family are the best people to ask. Bring up your cause in casual conversation with someone and you may be surprised at how many donations you can collect.

• Move onto businesses. Once you’ve covered ground with the people in your inner circle, start reaching out to local businesses to see if they’d be willing to donate to your organization. You may find valuable connections by reaching out in person or by phone.

• Move on to bigger businesses. Another way to go is to do some research to find large chain businesses that might have deep pockets and would be willing to make an investment in your charity.