Z1ogFbhMHosting a Boston Market Fundraiser

Boston Market, a popular chain restaurant that’s located in cities across the nation, offers school groups, church groups, and sports teams several great opportunities to raise money with local fundraisers. Here is some great information about hosting a Boston Market fundraiser:

• Earn a portion for every gift card sold. Boston Market offers groups the chance to earn a twelve percent profit on every gift card that they sell for charity. The way it works is that your group buys the gift cards in advance at a discounted price, sells them at the full face value, and then your charity keeps the difference. Very easy!

• Hosted meals. They will also cater a full meal for your charitable organization. You work with your local restaurant location to determine the date and time of the event. Be sure to publicize it, and then Boston Market helps you coordinate a meal for your guests with an easy per-price ticket. Then, you sell tickets to your events that are above the per-price and keep the proceeds that you earn.

• Restaurant nights at a certain location. Groups can also work with their local Boston Market to have a dinner hosted at their location. Your group works directly with the management team of that restaurant and then has a charity dinner at a pre-determined time and place. For this, Boston Market provides a customizable flyer and you bring the customers in. They will then give your group fifteen percent of the proceeds earned during your designated time and date. Be aware that it often takes some time to be able to get your fundraising check in the mail.

Boston Market’s fundraisers are organized and very customizable for small groups. You can find out more by simply filling out an online form that will put you in touch with the right people.