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How to Host a Trivia Night Fundraiser

Depending on your organization, a trivia night could be a great way to get the word out about your cause, raise funds, and simply have a great time. However, a trivia night does involve considerable planning that may not be at first apparent. In this article, we will briefly make sure that you know everything about how to host a trivia night fundraiser. This swift guide will be as effective as possible for your organization.

Trivia Night – Details and Overview

Knowing how to host a trivia night fundraiser is much more involved than one might first suspect. After all, it is not as simple as getting a list of questions and a group of people.

That said, those worried about the level of organization that a larger event would require should not worry. With a little bit of planning ahead, a trivia night is an achievable fundraiser for organizations of almost any size.

Pick a Venue

Before anything else is done to prepare to, or for that matter, even learn how to host a trivia night fundraiser, it is essential that your organization has secured a venue for the event. The reason for this is pretty straight-forward. Without a venue, it is impossible to hold an event!

However, even if you choose to use a venue that your organization controls, you should also secure the venue. Make sure that your organization’s members are aware of the event. Having a number of people closely affiliated with the organization in question is one of the best ways to increase fundraising potential.

Find Volunteers

That said, do not think that only those who usually work on your organization’s projects should be ready to help. Instead, take a trivia night as an opportunity to reach out and find volunteers to help.

Even if you think you have everything covered, new volunteers can bring new energy, and perhaps a few new supporters as well. Ask for help on social media, and consider, if appropriate, contacting local schools and colleges to see if there are student groups willing to lend a hand.

Get Questions

colorful bubbles with questions such as why where what when who, how

It is pretty difficult to have a trivia night without questions. Therefore, be sure to have those lined up well in advance! A number of companies produce question packs for events like trivia nights. These offers can make your efforts to host a trivia night fundraiser much easier.

For an added twist, consider including questions about your organization that help to show off all the good work that it does. Also, be sure to keep those questions a secret; no one likes a cheater!

Pick a Theme, or Not!

One way to really add variety to your trivia night is to adopt a theme. The goal of your organization, the time of year, or even whatever sounds fun can all help to inspire a theme that will add significantly to the fun factor.

That said, if coming up with a theme is proving to be more trouble than it is worth or is failing to get everyone excited, there is nothing wrong with having an event without a theme. Whatever works best for your organization should ultimately dictate what happens.

Set Prices

Chances are that if you are hosting a trivia night fundraiser, then you are going to want to make some money off of it! Charging a moderate entry fee to participate is a great idea. It will also give you a better idea of how many people are going to come to the fundraiser.

On top of that, you can scatter some boxes around the venue and invite participants to contribute with extra funds. This way, you can raise more money for your cause while people have fun.

Look for Sponsors

For those really looking to learn how to host a trivia night fundraiser on a level beyond simply charging for admission, it might be worth looking for sponsors. Companies in the local area will often be willing to pay a modest fee in order to be listed as a sponsor.

After all, it is a great way for them to advertise and demonstrate to fans of your organization that they care about the community. In order to make them feel great about sponsoring, be sure to thank them publicly throughout the trivia night.

Produce a Program

A great way to be sure to thank your sponsors is to produce a program. It should list the order of events as well as sponsors. It also gives your group the chance to show off a bit more about what makes them special. Best of all, printers and designers may consider it to be an in-kind donation, meaning that you’ll get it at a reduced price!

Find Prizes

Speaking of in-kind donations, these gifts can be a great source of prizes. While some people will come to your trivia night for the fun of it, many more will be motivated to come if there are prizes to be had. A really nice prize can also be a great way for a star sponsor to advertise their business.

Make It Public

Those sponsors, as well as your organization, will be much better off if you do a great job of getting the word out about it. More than anything else, those who know how to host a trivia night fundraiser know that marketing is crucial. Call local media outlets, talk to reporters, and have your fans mention it (and mention it again) on social media.

Have Fun!

group of business people celebrating by throwing files in the air

Finally, after having completed all the planning, the last important step is to show up and have fun! Not only have you earned it, but by seeing members of the organization having a great time, people will want to get more involved themselves.

Final Word

While there are many fundraisers out there, knowing how to host a trivia night fundraiser can help set your organization apart. Of course, they do require a significant amount of planning. Nonetheless, if done properly, your team can achieve great results for your organization. If you have held a trivia night before, feel free to comment below on your thoughts on how to make the most of the event.

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