Are you in charge of fundraising at your nonprofit? Are you looking for new and creative ways to build your funds? Do you want to host a fairly easy fundraiser with a low barrier to entry and a high likelihood of reaching your community?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then read on to get our quick guide of 10 healthy fake out ideas for your charity. You’ll find fun, creative ideas that you and your team can execute without a year of planning. Ready to get started?

healthy take out ideas

10 Healthy Take Out Ideas for an Impressive Charity Event

1. Healthy Take Out Ideas—Details and Overview

When you are planning a food fundraiser for your non-profit or charity, there is a lot that could go wrong. Food is perishable. So you have to choose the elements that will be part of your meal with care and precision. For example, a BBQ dinner is a great idea and a successful way to raise money because it is so tasty.

However, you have to make sure the pork is kept at a certain temperature to ensure you don’t make anyone sick. These are factors to consider when choosing your healthy take out ideas for your fundraiser.

2. Soup Bar

A soup bar fundraiser is a fairly easy take-home food option that you can make ahead. For example, you could decide to make three or four different varieties of soup. Take two veggie options and two meat or poultry options. This gives your consumers choice for your family.

Offer different sizes for take-home soup, including pints and quarts. Your consumers can drop by on their way home from work to pick up a piping hot meal for their families.

3. Pizza Pie Fundraiser

At least once a week in homes across the United States, it’s pizza night. Turn this into your charity’s fundraiser. For example, hold your pizza pie fundraiser on a Friday night. Prepare the dough ahead of time, and outfit each of the pies with customized toppings.

You can ask consumers to pre-order their pies so you know exactly how many you need to make. Then, they’ll pick up the refrigerated pies and take them home to bake.

4. Frozen Chicken Pies

Frozen chicken pies are a successful, healthy take-home food option for many charities. They are also especially popular with churches. The reason they are so popular is that they are healthy, hearty and easy to make ahead.

You can prepare all of the pies and freeze them ahead of time. Your consumers then can come on your scheduled pick-up day to take them home!

5. Loaves of Bread

Baking bread and selling it as a take-home fundraiser is another easy and effective option. The best part is that the ingredients are inexpensive and you can make several varieties.

With this option, you may want to stick with one kind of base for the bread and not offer a Gluten-free option. You will be ruling out some people by sticking to just flour. But you also will avoid cross-contaminating and making someone sick in the process.

6. Cookie and Granola Sale

Sweets can be healthy, too. So a fun way to make money for your non-profit or charity is to have a cookie and granola sale. Like the bread fundraiser, it’s probably best to stick with one option for your cookie and granola base. That means using flour and appealing to the largest base of consumers.

Make between five and 10 varieties, and then sale a bag you can reseal in different sizes. Consumers can go around your cookie and granola stations filling their bags.

7. Fruit Market

A fruit market is a great fundraiser for the health-conscious in your neighborhood. Set it up like a huge seasonal fruit stand with a variety of fruits for summer eating. You can ask your consumers to bring their re-usable grocery store bags and pay a set fee for filling them up with seasonal fruits.

To save on overhead costs, try to source locally-grown and seasonal fruit. This way, you’re not paying to ship wholesale pineapple that is out of season, for example.

8. Holiday Pie Fundraiser

Around the holidays, many people love giving the gift of sweets. So what better way to meet that need than to bake a variety of healthy holiday pies? Some examples of healthy pies you can bake with lower sugar content are pumpkin pie, no-bake peanut butter pie and pear custard.

Offer several varieties so that your consumers have a choice.

9. Salad Bar

Transform your non-profit into a mega salad bar in which your consumers pay per pound. This is a great way for them to bring home a delicious, healthy meal while supporting your work.

To pull this healthy, take-out fundraiser, you’ll need to invest in some sanitary, chilling salad bar stations, which you can rent. You want to make sure the fresh veggies, toppings and salad dressings stay chilled.

10. Make Your Own Lasagna Fundraiser

Preparing lasagnas—both meat and veggies—ahead of time either by freezing or storing in the refrigerator are an excellent choice for a fundraiser. This is a hearty, healthy meal that you can make with lower-fat ingredients. Moreover, they feed a large number of people.

Take orders ahead of time so that you know exactly how many sets you need to make!

people eating

Tip: Make no compromise when it comes to the taste of the food and you will soon notice what good marketing these ideas bring.

BONUS: Canned Food Fundraiser

Finally, consider canning seasonal foods and turning it into a fundraiser. Some ideas include making applesauce, jams, tomatoes and pickles. You can offer several seasonal varieties. This way, consumers can stock up for their own families or purchase gifts for others during the holiday season.

These items make great gift basket items—and you can market your fundraiser that way. Sell them a basket for a set price, and let them fill up with canned goods!

Sealing the Can

Are you inspired yet? We certainly are—and we’re excited to see where your food fundraiser goes in the coming weeks as you plan. As you read this guide of 10 healthy take out ideas to make your charity unforgettable, keep these pro tips in mind. From preparing a healthy soup bar for take-home food to baking bread. We’ve got all the ideas for your next charity food fundraiser.

As you consider these healthy take out ideas, what are you learning? And, if you use one of our ideas for a healthy take out fundraiser, tell us what worked or didn’t. Leave us a comment below!