Men and women by a CrucifixGreat Ideas For Mission Trip Fundraising

If you’re trying to come up with some great mission trip fundraising ideas, take a good look at the resources you have on hand and who you have in your church group that might be helpful to your fundraising efforts. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with good ideas for raising money but if you catalog your resources and try to enlist some helpful volunteers, you can reach your goal and take your mission trip in no time. Here are some great mission trip fundraising ideas:

• Write a mission trip fundraising letter. This is a basic but effective way of raising money for church groups, especially because a letter gives you a chance to tell a story about your organization. You can even make an electronic letter that includes photos, compelling anecdotes, and a call to action. You can circulate it to members of your congregation and friends and family. Have your volunteers stuff and address the envelopes!

• Sell something cool. Fundraising for mission trips doesn’t have to be boring. There are dozens of cool items that you can sell that will capture interest. From custom designed t-shirts to customized gift baskets, put your heads together and come up with something creative and interesting to sell during the holiday season.

• Try to tantalize their sweet tooth. Whether you choose to host a church bake sale or sell candy bars for profit, making something sweet and tempting can be a great way to raise money for your mission trip.

• Raffle it off. You don’t even need to have anything to raffle off to host a raffle at church. If you don’t want to mess with finding items to raffle off, host a 50/50 raffle where half of the proceeds go to your mission trip and the other half go to the big winner of the raffle.