One of the best ways to raise money for your cause is to run a golf event. However, the last thing you want to do is to host a cookie cutter event that everyone else has hosted in the past. If you really want to get more people to join your golf event or tournament, you have to come up with a unique angle that engages people. To give you some great ideas, here are some creative ideas for running golf tournament games to raise money.

1. Putting Contest

A traditional tournament based on score or contests to see who can hit the longest drive will appeal to enthusiasts. On the other hand, it may dissuade casual players.

Therefore, if you want to organize golf tournament games to raise money, you want to make everyday players feel like they can win. A putting contest is a great way to get everyone interested in your tournament.

Everyone has a strong chance of hitting a great shot once they get on the green. You may even want to set up this contest at a mini-golf course filled with obstacles.

2. Amateur and Professional Team Matches

If you’re looking to organize golf tournament games to raise money, you’ve probably thought about bringing in players from the professional circuit. Nonetheless, pitting professionals against amateurs is discouraging.

Instead, you want to level out the skill levels by organizing team matches. This is where amateurs are partnered with professionals. It gives casual players and enthusiasts the opportunity to play with the pros and actually enjoy playing the game to make it more interesting.

3. Mulligans for Donations

If you plan on organizing normal golf tournament games to raise money, you should strongly consider adding mulligans. Mulligans are basically do-overs that players can buy at any time during the game.

For instance, if they’ve sunk the ball deep into a sand bunker, they can decide to retake their shots. The only way to get back in the game is by donating a flat amount for a mulligan. This keeps the game more casual and fun. It will also lead to more donations as many players will purchase multiple mulligans during their game for prolonged sessions of fun.

4. Random Prizes for Random Feats

When running golf tournament games to raise money, you want to keep it as interesting as possible. Adding prizes for random feats keeps players engaged. Even the worst players in the game will feel part of the community.

You can add prizes for whoever hits the biggest curve, straightest drive, and even sand bunkers. Again, the idea here is to appeal to the casual player. The more casual players you manage to bring in, the more you will collect in the tournament entrance fee.

5. Marshmallow Balls

bulk of white mini marshmallows

Golf tournament games to raise money don’t always have to follow conventional rules. You can set up mini-games where players either drive or putt a marshmallow instead of a regular golf ball.

There are even some tournaments where players have to use a cue stick to hit the ball in once they land on the green. This all leads to a hilarious array of situations where experienced players do as poorly as casual players. While the idea seems silly, you’ll be surprised at the number of purists that enjoy these unconventional games.

6. Putting ‘Horse’

In basketball, the game of Horse is one where a player take turns making a unique shot. At the same time, the opponent has to make the same shot. When the player making the first shot misses, then it’s the opposing player’s turn to create a shot. Each missed attempt to follow up on the first shot spells out a letter until the word Horse is spelled.

The person that spells out the word first loses. This game can be replicated in your golf tournament for putting horse on a mini-golf course. You’ll watch players try crazy shots like banking the ball off the wall or attempting shots from impossible angles.

7. Dice Game

By introducing a random element to the game of golf, you can make it more fun for people of all ages. It’s really simple to pull off. You can get people to pay to roll a dice. They will either be rewarded or punished depending on what the dice landed on.

For example, if a player rolls a five, they can take a stroke off their handicap. If they roll a one, the player has to take a shot blindfolded. This works especially great if you’re looking to get entire families to take part in the event. Eventually, the game goes from a boring golf game into a real-life board game.

8. Golf Pong

Similar to the beloved college drinking game of beer pong, you can set up an event (for adults of course). Each team tries to chip a hole into the other team’s buckets. Of course, for each ball that lands in the bucket, the opposing team will have to drink a round of beers.

This game is familiar to almost everyone and will really get people signing up in droves. This will help your golf event stand out as there aren’t many golf tournaments that combine a day of playing golf with drinking beer or even wine gift baskets.

Final Word

These are 8 solid ideas for running golf tournament games to raise money. Remember that your goal here is to get everyone having fun and supporting a great cause. You want to make it accessible for both beginners and intermediate players to sign up as many people as possible.

On top of that, don’t limit your fundraising to the tournament game itself. There are many other things you can do like getting people to sponsor a hole, buy golfing equipment, rent a caddie, buy golf course packages, and more. We’d love to hear your opinion on this topic and how you would proceed in this situation.

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