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Gift Wrap Fundraising - 7 Steps to a Seasonable Charity

Every year around the holidays, people begin thinking about presents. Not only do they have to buy them, but then they need to wrap them as well. That’s where a gift wrap fundraising can be an incredible money-making strategy for your organization.

1. Why You Should Host a Gift Wrap Fundraising

Hosting a gift wrap fundraising fulfills a need for donors while providing income for your charity or organization. If your charity does any kind of fundraising, you know that the best profits result from a campaign. Such an approach provides plenty of support for the charity while including some benefit to those who donate funds.

In this respect, a gift wrap fundraising is a win-win option. Taking into account various factors such as timing, partner companies, variety of product, and whether or not you plan to offer additional services, your organization could discover that a gift wrap fundraising meets your needs and helps your earnings soar. Those profits can then be used to provide more funding for your charitable program.

2. Make Planning and Organization a Top Priority

A gift wrap fundraising may seem like a straightforward process. On the other hand, neglecting to plan well and remain organized can significantly lessen its effectiveness. Devote plenty of time and energy to ensure that you know how each step of the fundraising process will be executed.

Designate one specific person to be in charge of making sure that everything remains on track throughout. The same appointee should supervise that customers’ orders are handled appropriately and fulfilled on time. This planning and organization will ensure a smooth fundraising campaign that results in happy customers and useful profits for your charity.

3. Always Be Professional

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One of the best indicators of success with any fundraising is the professionalism of the salespeople. Whether you are utilizing your volunteer network or the fundraising is being carried out by employees, you need to ensure that everyone that enters in contact with customers is qualified to represent your organization in a positive way.

Your fundraising activities will be a reflection of your organization. The conduct of all involved players may determine future donations. Make sure each salesperson is familiar with the products you’re offering and can answer customers’ questions adequately.

In addition, they must be competent when handling customers’ money and must make sure that all transactions are recorded properly. Having a great fundraising network can help increase profits and can lead to more donations in the future.

4. Consider When to Host Your Gift Wrap Fundraising

One step to a successful fundraising is deciding when it should be held. You’ll want to consider when the products you are offering, in this case gift wrap, will be most in demand.

The winter holiday season is probably the most likely choice. Nonetheless, you could also consider other options such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Hosting this kind of fundraising when wrapping paper and accessories are sure to be needed means that your profit will increase simply because of the law of demand.

5. Choose a Reliable Company

Many companies offer a gift wrap fundraising package. Your charity can partner with them to sell their wrapping paper at a profit for you. This means that you do not have to have your own product. It also means that you will need to consider several factors when choosing the right company.

First, you’ll want to work with a company which provides an acceptable profit margin for your charity. You can look at things such as shipping costs, fees for obtaining the brochures or sample products you will show to potential customers. You also need to find out whether or not the company offers incentives for certain sales goals. These factors can help you determine which company will best fit the needs of your organization and your ideal fundraising initiative.

6. Go for a Variety of Gift Wrap Options

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Although it is best to host a gift wrap fundraising close to a major holiday, you want to offer a wide array of choices to your customers. Do not limit yourself to one type of paper that is suitable for only one holiday. Customers may be focused on Christmas or Valentine’s Day, for example.

Therefore, offering them other types of paper may spark an interest they wouldn’t otherwise have had. Plus, showing customers a wide variety of options means you can appeal to a wider variety of tastes and preferences. This increased variety will lead to an increase in sales as well.

7. Add Extra Services

After you have completed the selling process for your gift wrap fundraising, you may wish to continue the money making campaign by offering a gift wrapping service. You could set up a wrapping station at a local store or mall or at your organization and offer to wrap gifts for a nominal fee.

If you staff this service with volunteers, your profits could increase even further. You could purchase wrapping paper through the company which provided your fundraising products. This can help you reach sales incentives as well. Afterwards, you can set a price for wrapping which would pay for the paper and leave a profit for you as well. If you have the time and volunteers to offer this service, it’s just one more way to raise funds for your charity.

Final Word

A gift wrap fundraising is an excellent option for raising money for your charity or organization. If executed properly, such activities are beneficial to your donors and your charity alike.

When you begin your campaign, be organized and professional at all times. Pay attention to timing, partner companies, products, and extra services. Following these simple steps will lead to happy customers whose gift wrapping needs have been met. Feel free to share your gift wrap fundraising questions, experiences, and success stories in the comment section below.

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