Many charities and non-profit organizations grapple with the subject of how to get donations from businesses. Charities depend primarily on donations for their daily operations. These funds allow them to help the needy and less privileged in society. So if you work in such an organization or run one, then you can attest to how challenging it is to figure out how to get donations from businesses.

Most charities find it intimidating to ask giant corporations for free money. Others just don’t fancy all the hassle that goes into the process of soliciting for donations. Although the task can be a bit daunting, it’s always worth it in the end.This article, therefore, focuses on explaining how to get donations from businesses for charities and non-profit organizations.

General Information about Charity Donations

As earlier stated, donations are the engine that runs charities and non-for profits. Without donated resources, these institutions will not be able to help the society as they do. In that regard, most businesses today give to charity as part of their social responsibility (SR). In return, they get to expand their SR initiatives.

Giving donations also makes businesses appear philanthropic in the eyes of the consumer. This image helps to boost up their sales. Moreover, for most companies the act of giving allows them to woo the tax man to give them a tax benefit. As a result, there is something for them in this situation as well. If you know how to present your case, it can sound like a long-lasting partnership instead of charity.

Tips on How to Get Donations from Businesses

There are several ways to ask and get donations from small, medium, and large companies when deciding on the best methods on how to get donations from businesses. You can do it face to face, over the phone, via social media, through crowdfunding, via distributions materials or through a letter. Whatever method you decide to use, essential steps must be followed. This way, you make sure that the process is done right and that you get the resources you need for your cause.

1. Make Your Organization and Work Known to the Public

It is easier for companies and other businesses to give to your organization when they are aware of it and the work it’s been doing. In this regard, you should always document your charity work. This will help potential donors understand your work, strike their interest to give, and also help them understand that their donation will be for a good cause.

For this, you can prepare a list of all the work you’ve done to date. Publish your findings on your organization’s website, the local newspaper or digital media.

2. Solicit for Donations

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With a clear documentation of your charity and work, you can create banners, flyers, and posters to help you get donations for your organization. Just remember in your message not sound too boring, needy, and manipulative or generally like a salesperson. You should instead be persuasive enough to make a donor want to give back. You can also include some giving back to the community quotes to summon their benevolence.

Try to write the message from a certain perspective to help your text channel your potential donors’ empathy. Remember to include your contact details, address, the schedule for your organization’s charitable activities, and an invitation to participate. In so doing, you can get volunteers if not donations and potential donors may even choose to form a relationship with your cause.

3. Find out Key Locations to Distribute Your Materials

You need to find a suitable place and approach to distribute your materials. Try looking up the local directory for businesses within your locality. From the information you get, you can try to make contact with these companies and ask if they would like to work with your organization. You can send them a catalog showing your charity works together with your organization’s details before asking them to participate in your charity or give donations to the same.

Aside from that, you can also set up a meeting with heads of these businesses. Here you can pitch your need and cause directly to them. The distribution materials can also be put up in the streets where there is high traffic, restaurants, learning institutions, churches, etc.

4. Use Your Contacts

It is easier to give to someone you know or previously knew than to an entirely new person. The same applies to businesses and donations; they easily donate to charities where there is someone they know. As such, you should take advantage of your contacts to solicit for donations for your organization.

You can write a letter to these people or companies. Ask them furthermore to forward the same message to friends, colleagues, and partners or even family that might be interested in taking part in charity work.

Take advantage of social media to solicit for these donations. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are proper avenues for this. Create a website online and provide details of your work and organization to establish trust with potential donors. Online networking is steadily growing in influence over the recent years. Take advantage of it to access potential donors for your charity.

5. Organize Fundraising Activities

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Trying to figure out how to get donations from businesses? Fundraising is an excellent way to attract donors. And for this to work, you need to collaborate with local communities and businesses during these events.

These businesses can pledge to give a certain amount of money to donations for every sale made during a specified period. They can also offer incentives, e.g., a travel agency can also pledge to give a free trip to a random lucky person among your new donors.

Alternatively, you can hold charity raffles, bidding, performances, concerts or sales with the help of the local community and businesses. Your efforts in these activities will help engage donors more and make the whole business of donation more enjoyable.

6. Transparency Is Key

As an organization that intends to continue helping the society, you need to maintain a transparent stance. Since you will be asking for donations more often and for a long time, ensure that you keep an account of all donations made to you. Make sure all your activities are transparent and make results accessible to all. This will help prove the credibility of your charity to volunteers, potential donors, and current donors.

You should understand that keeping donors and getting new ones are both of critical importance. When people don’t know where their money is going, they might stop helping you in your cause altogether.

7. Always Show Appreciation

It is essential to learn to say thank you for every donation made to your organization. Your donors need more than just an acknowledgment of receipt of donations. They need to know that they are essential to your organization and that their donation was worth it.

Likewise, those you contacted but refused to donate also deserve to know that their time and consideration are appreciated. A letter, phone call, or card will go a long way to cement the trust and relationship between you and donors.

To Sum up

Charity donations present a challenge to both solicitors and donors. We understand that. But with the information you have just read in this article, you should be more equipped for the challenge on how to get donations from businesses than before.

If you have any further questions on this topic, feel free to ask in the comments section below. Also, remember to share the post with friends, family, and colleagues.

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