Bringing attention to philanthropic enterprises is serious business. Find inspiration from these funny non profit organizations that use humor to highlight their message. Each of these non-profits is wholly unique. However, what they have in common is the gift of creativity. These funny non profit organizations have found a way to give back in amusement and entertainment as they bring awareness and funding to worthy causes.

Humor as an Aid to Raise Awareness

Injecting humor into the world of non-profit organizations takes many forms. Many of the funny non profit organizations themselves are humorous. Some earnest organizations use amusing videos to get their message across. Others use jokes to break the ice or employ social media to pique interest.

However, the following organizations chose to use wit and whimsy from the very beginning. Now, their serious message is enhanced. Here you will find 7 funny non profit organizations that are seriously making a difference.

1. The Naked Clowns Bare All

clown face and hands in red gloves with big black elegant hat

The Naked Clowns are members of a clown conservatory. Seeking to aid and to honor their teacher, juggler Judy Finelli, the clowning students raised money for her medical expenses. They succeeded in their endeavors by throwing benefits where they performed au naturel while artfully camouflaged by props. No actual nudity was truly seen in their performances.

Let’s face it, teasing + clowns = funny. Such performances begat the “Naked Clown” calendar. All of the profits benefit the Judy Finelli Fund, which is used towards multiple sclerosis research. Now that’s some serious clowning around.

2. An Azure Rose by Any Other Name

The Azure Rose, based in Colorado, is a non-profit organization that takes etiquette seriously. They are valiantly uniting whimsy and theatrics to champion chivalry. They hold Renaissance Fairs that also serve as etiquette lessons.

Since 2009, the Azure Rose has taught excellent manners by example and by providing educational materials for schools, youth groups, scout troops, and community recreation activities. The group’s historical recreations prove that good manners are timeless. They demonstrate this way the “the values of Chivalry and Courtesy.”

Money from the Azure Rose events is tax-deductible and supports the group and other public charities. This is an example of funny non profit organizations that are jousting the good fight to make an authentic difference in the world.

3. The Critter Connection: Helping One Critter at a Time

free guinea pig in nature

Consider, if you will, the guinea pig. From testing on our furry friends to abandonment issues, guinea pigs are at risk. They are often taken in as pets. However, when circumstances prove challenging, people leave them to make their own little way in a large world.

Here to defend the life, liberty, and well-being of the littlest of pets comes The Critter Connection. The organization started in 2004 to ensure that no guinea pig is left defenseless. They provide medical attention and adoption aid to our furry friends. They are a source not only of critter connection but of inter-species caring and kindness.

4. Play a Video Game and Help Humble Bundle Help Charities

Get your video game on and do a good deed at the same time. Humble Bundle is a site to procure your next downloadable game. They have offerings where you can donate the amount that you wish to pay for the game or bundle of games of your choice.

That money is then divided between the creators of the games, the Humble Bundle organizers, and the charities that are being supported. Choose a new game for a great price, support, and validation for creatives. On top of that, you raise awareness and dollars for worthwhile charities positions that Humble Bundle gaming site supports.

5. Make the World Warmer by Donating a Blanket with Project Linus

Project Linus, named after the adorable character in the Peanuts comic strip who is never without his blanket, has taken on themselves to share the joy that an excellent security blanket can provide. To a child in need, a good blanket is a tangible symbol of caring. Share the love and the warmth with a kid or a vulnerable individual, and it will make you feel warm inside.

To get in on the fun, check out the website to find out where to drop off your item of delight. It can be either store-bought blanket or an item that you knitted or crocheted. You can make a difference with a donated blanket.

6. Malarious is Hilarious

Malaria is nothing to laugh at. Except if you are one of the geniuses behind the video sensation Malarious. Here you will find celebrities who have united with Malaria No More and to create Malarious, which is a collection of comedy videos that raise awareness and funds in the fight against malaria.

The hilarious videos star Brooklyn Decker, Elizabeth Banks, Allison Williams, Ed Helms, Ellie Kemper, Adam Scott, Nick Offerman, Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza, and many other gifted and famous celebs. The pay-to-view videos can be seen on The generated funds are going to benefit Malaria No More. For a minimum contribution of just one dollar, enjoy viewing comedy sketches, performance art, and watching people get a pie in the face. You’ll also be aiding a seriously worthy cause.

7. American Mustache Institute, Defenders of the ‘Stache

The American Mustache Institute seeks to address the wrongs and protect the rights of all mustached Americans. The Institute was founded in 1965 and hails itself as a think tank, association, and advocate for Mustached Americans.

“Broadly considered the bravest organization in the history of mankind behind only the U.S. military and the post-Jim Henson Muppets.”

Are they serious? Well… probably not so much. But what they are is part of Side Project, Inc., which is an absolutely earnest organization that provides support for progressive non-profits organizations. Think of The American Mustache Institute as a beard for the worthy Side Project, Inc.

Final Word

Find hope, humor, and inspiration in these funny non profit organizations. If you have experience, insights or observations, we would love to hear from you in the Comments section. Thanks for reading!

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