While no one wishes for misfortunes, some of them find us anyway. Some accidents and severe health conditions are expensive to treat and manage on our own. Therefore, we often seek help from family, friends, and other well-wishers. This article’s intention is to provide you with a detailed account of fundraising success stories towards medical expenses. Some of them have even surpassed their initial targets. If you are looking for a dose of inspiration, you might as well end your search here.

Medical Expenses Fundraisers

Cancer and other deadly diseases are quite expensive to treat even with medical insurance coverage. However, there are numerous cases of people who have been or are currently receiving treatment without having to worry about the financial implications of the infections they are suffering from. These people sought funds as depicted in our list of fundraising success stories.

There is also another group of survivors on our list who did not stop the cancer battle even after getting well. As you will see, these people teamed up with other survivors and well-wishers. Together, they want to raise funds for cancer research and create awareness of the disease. All of these causes are intended to ensure people are not overwhelmed by medical expenses as they try to fight their infections.

1. Mark Hoverson’s Story

Mark, 39, has been married to his college sweetheart Shannon since 2003. For the first 10 years of their marriage, he did not have any significant health complications. His life changed in 2014. This is when he felt something strange in his stomach while wrestling with one of his four boys.

On reaching the E.R, Mark narrates how he passed out and nearly died because of the pain. The doctor on shift discovered numerous tumors in Mark’s liver and pancreas. The official diagnosis referred to as neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer.

With a $500,000 insurance policy and radiations costing upwards of $100,000, Mark could not manage his medical expenses. He dared to organize a medical fundraiser on his own. Thanks to this initiative, he raised $221,090 in less than one month.

2. Coqueance “KoCo” Powell’s Story

KoCo has been living with Estrogen Positive Breast Cancer since the summer of 2011. During the diagnosis, she had no medical insurance. On top of that, doctors gave her a 50 percent chance of living.

Over the last 7 years, KoCo has undergone numerous sessions of chemotherapy with financial support from her family alone. At the beginning of 2018, the cancer cells reoccurred.

Fortunately, her doctor proposed that she enrolls in an experimental drug for her specific type of cancer called Ibrance. Because of the expensive nature of trial drugs, KoCo decided to organize a fundraiser. This was her last yet lucky card. She managed to enter the group for the cutting-edge drug by raising over $26,000.

3. Rico Maestas’ Story

Rico, a United States Navy veteran known to many as a hardworking and jovial person, also features in our fundraising success stories. Soon after retiring from the U.S. Navy, he joined American Family Insurance. He quickly made an impact in the company.

Unfortunately, he recently suffered from a fatal heart condition that required immediate transplant. Because of the expensive nature of heart transplants, Rico’s family organized a medical fundraiser. Thanks to their proactivity, Rico has now over $6,000 so far in funds to help him fight for his life.

4. Lorraine Turker’s Story

uhuru peak of mount kilimanjaro with signs stating this is the highest point in africa

Lorraine is a cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer cells in 2010. She had been on several chemotherapy sessions. It was her doctors who proposed that she enrolls in a clinical trial. Fortunately, the innovative treatment worked.

The survivor found inspiration in this life-changing experience. To create cancer awareness, Lorraine organized a fundraiser that involved climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Together with a few friends, Lorraine reached the peak of the mountain on her 40th birthday. She has since raised over $7,000. Eventually, she donated the proceeds to Cancer Research UK.

5. Zack Woodward’s Story

Zack suffers from Gastroparesis. This is a condition that prevents stomach muscles from contracting and expanding enough to allow digestion of food. Following the diagnosis, Zack has been through all available treatments apart from the feeding tube and the pacemaker.

His doctors unanimously agree that the pacemaker is the best solution. Unfortunately, this life-saving device is quite expensive. Zack has since put up a fundraiser. So far, he managed to raise $1,966 towards his medical expenses.

6. Annie and John Chapman’s Story

Annie and John Chapman began creating awareness and raising funds for cancer research in 2004. Since then, the event has grown into an annual road run attracting thousands of women.

This year’s annual Ladies Tractor Road Run saw at least 100 women drive pink tractors through the streets of Norfolk. The event raised over $140,000. These funds were donated to breast cancer research. Annie features one of the best fundraising success stories having won the Volunteer of the Year Award in 2008 and raising over $640,000 since then.

7. Elena’s Story

Four years ago, Elena was diagnosed with cancer. As a result, she has been through numerous surgeries and two sessions of chemotherapy since then. Her health condition was improving until recently when doctors discovered fluids in her lungs. This meant that chemo was no longer an option.

Elena is now undergoing palliative care. She is in need of pure oxygen for most hours during the day. To help ease the cost of the medical bills, her family organized a fundraiser. Together with the support of her friends, she managed to secure $10,000 in medical bills for her health.


These fundraising success stories are inspirational. The afflicted persons did not stay quiet at home to suffer alone. Do not let misfortunes including overwhelming medical expenses pin you down. It’s not your fault, but this is merely the natural order of things.

If you are out there suffering, do not shy off anymore. The world is never short of well-wishers and donors willing to help you regardless of the situation. The fundraising success stories on our list are enough to show that there is always someone who is ready to offer a helping hand.

Would you consider holding a medical expenses fundraiser for an ailing friend or family? Have you had to organize a fundraiser for a sick friend or family medical expenses? What was the experience? Leave us your comments below.

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