feet-on-puzzle-which-way-to-go-300x199Fundraising Strategies that Work

Coming up with a reliable and successful fundraising strategy can be challenging. Not all strategies offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution, so you will often need to find out what works on a trial by trial basis. But there are many tactics that you can use to make sure that you have a successful fundraising plan. Here are some fundraising strategies that work:

1. Reuse and recycle. Not in a negative sense, but in a practical sense: Create a strategy that you can use over and over again because it works. Find a friend or adviser who is a whiz at fundraising and take an inventory of their best fundraising approach. Then try it yourself. If it works, make this a tactic that you use over and over again.

2. Catalog your potential donors and sponsors. Make a list of people and organizations that might be likely to partner with your charity or make donations. List them in order of priority and start brainstorming about the best ways to approach them for support.

3. Use social platforms and online marketing to network. In the non-profit sector, it’s all about who you know. Put someone in charge of online networking and start adding contacts and potential donors to your online social media account or invite them to your website. Going online is a powerful fundraising strategy.

4. Go back to the basics. There is nothing wrong with good old fashioned hand shaking or going door to door to generate potential donors. This strategy is solid because it still works. There is no replacement for face to face communication.

5. Diversify and cast a wider net. Sometimes it’s necessary to move in a different direction. If you’ve been targeting one market of potential donors, shift your focus to a new one and use the trial and error method to find out what works for your charity.