Planning an event to collect money either for a good cause or for business is fundraising. But you probably already knew that. You may have tons of fundraising ideas and you’ve probably fundraised for churches, your college community for a school dance, cub scouts, or a corporate group event. It’s not an easy task especially when it’s non-profit. It demands a lot of planning, hard work, and innovative ideas in order to convince people to contribute money in your cause. As per Ken Burnet, an international fundraising specialist “There are two I’s’ in Fundraising – they should stand for inspiration and innovation, not imitation and irritation.”

So what is the fundamental ingredient in organizing a successful fundraiser? The answer to this question is PLANNING. It takes a lot of brainstorming to collect innovative ideas and that too, at low cost so that you can achieve your target to maximum. Start scheduling few months ahead; work on each detail and every possible shortfall to get maximum benefits. This can be your way of showing why you choose the following cause for charity and dedication towards it. This can also be a time to show of your DIY, creative side too!

It’s Not Always About the Money

Now the question arises that how to plan a positive campaign to collect money for your club or church? After all whatever you’re doing is for a noble cause. There are various ways money can be raised in schools or other educational institute in the form of small events like a bake sale for donation. This is great for elementary all the way up to high school.  Another way is to collect old books and scrap newspapers known as newspaper drive to collect money and help nonprofit schools. Or set up blood donation camps in institutions, where students can make their contribution in the noble cause.

Businesses can also help to raise money, for example a very well-known multinational company coca cola started a campaign in Pakistan in the name of “coke bottle of change”, in which they requested people to fill their empty coke bottles with money depending how much they want to and submit it in their office. The reason of this successful campaign was to help an orphanage in the name of famous social worker Abdu Sattar Edhi. You don’t have to necessarily do anything to make money, as some fundraisers are really hands off. Get out there and get to cheerleading for your cause!

Social Media Help

Social media nowadays has changed our lives. It has the solution to every problem, it’s like you name it and we have it. Fundraising is also possible through social media. This method is called crowd fundraising. It is the most commonly used medium of collecting money as is it inexpensive as well.

social media fundraising

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People use social media platform like Facebook to upload the story or details about the cause they have opted, write the story in the way that it connects to the people and then ask for donations for help. Bank transfer and other methods are used for the cause. This is also the best option for small fundraising as it can go viral and a lot of people may step in to help and join your cause.

Think Outside the… T-shirt?

Second most commonly used mean is T shirt campaign. It is also one of the inexpensive way in which you only have to buy a t shirt, print the logo or message of your campaign on it and sell it to people so that money can be raised.

This is also one of the most beneficial one because people who wear the shirts will help in spreading the word about your case, thus attracting more people. Many people globally have used this campaign, one of the recent example is Bollywood actor Salman Khan with his shirts written “Being Human’’ on it, which is the name of his NGO.

Online shopping also helps in collecting money, therefore setting another example of businesses helping in collecting money. Now the procedure is like this– When a customer goes to that website for shopping, the website will have to donate a certain percent of its sales for the fundraising. More sales simply mean more funds. Similarly, online forms and fundraising websites can also help in the cause. People can go online and make contribution according to their financial status, like GoFundMe, but with shopping!

We all Gotta Eat and We All Love Music

A famous quote says “the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach”. Everyone loves food, no matter which nationality they belong to and is also a good way to collect money. Events like food gala can be planned where individuals can set up their food stalls and collect money through its sales. This is one of the most profitable ways of raising funds.

Music is the food of soul. People of all age groups love music, especially youngsters who love concerts and this can also be a technique to collect donations. Organizing a concert is not an easy task. It requires a lot of planning and dedication. The toughest and most crucial part of organizing a concert is finding a suitable investor and helps him contribute to fulfill your dream. But this is one of the best ways to attract youth towards donations by selling tickets and using some or all of its money for the cause. Sometimes singers also support looking at the dedication of the organizer.

Go Green

Go green and clean campaigns can also result in a good fundraising idea as it has two benefits. One is that you promote greenery by growing more plants which our earth need the most and second is recycling of used bottles and cans. Through this campaign people can throw all of their used bottles in respective bins and from where they can be reprocessed. While it may not be a fundraiser to raise money, we can clean up our Earth!

Body Movin’

Lastly, most prefer choice of all the fundraiser is walkathon, here people get registered and walk miles to a definite target point and on their way to get there they pledge public and try to collect money as much as they can. A walkathon is also said to be one of the most profited way of gathering money in a short time and less investment. But the only thing that needs to be take care of is that the weather is not too hot to hurt those participating.

Still Stuck?

Boy, oh boy! Here are some ideas that you can utilize that may be fast, free or cheap, quick, or unique– Or all of the above!

Sports teams like Basketball, soccer, softball

In the spring time when sports teams start in full swing, there are tons of things to think about. Get the kids involved. Parents and teachers already put so much of themselves in the kids and the school that the kids should get involved too!

They need to be clothed and protected for their practices and games. It’s around $75 to $100 on average to play a sport. Why not let the ones playing work for the sport they want to play? Have them right in the middle of it, planning and configuring.

Try a discount card! Go around to local businesses and ask if they will participate. For example, the local pizza joint, if they want to participate, ask what they’re willing to give– 10% off your meal? Free two liter with a purchase of a large pizza? Once you’ve got a list compiled of the things that each business will donate, put together a discount card with all the businesses listed. Sell each card for a small sum, maybe $10.

Organizations like cub scout and girl scouts

We are all familiar with the cookie sales that the girl scouts put on each year… Those things are like crack. But while they’re good, they can be expensive. In the summer time, try a car was! While a basket of cookies are good, people will likely pay for a clean car. This doesn’t take a ton of money, just a bucket of water, some soap, and motivation.

PTO, PTA, clubs for students, kids from kindergarten to teens

While there are tons of things that the parents and teachers do for the students and student body as a whole, there are ways that fundraising can bring them together. Race for education is a great one! Students have to write out a letter to “sponsors” so that they can donate for them. This gives the parents the ability to come and help out at each stand and it gives the teachers a chance to get to know the parents.


A Sorority or Fraternity that benefits the student body

Sororities and Fraternities can tend to get a bad rep when it comes to schools and the community. Sororities and frats are meant to be social. A time for those that want to mingle, to mingle. Instead of the generic car wash with scantily clad women, try an auction.

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Hold an event with finger foods and refreshments and auction each willing member of the sorority and frat to the highest bidder. This stands by the social theme of trying to not only be more social, but an active part of the community. You never know, you may make new friends!

Family adoption for Christmas

This type of fundraiser, would take a little bit of time and effort, but not a ton of money. There are tons of families in need that may not be able to supply the magic of Christmas to their family. While this is a delicate subject, a helping hand to those that really need it are strictly to aid in making magic happen for kids on Christmas.

To pick a family, you’ll want to try your local church or even the local schools. This can be anonymous or you can make it public depending on the family. Make sure you’ve got their permission. Start around Halloween, while you may be thinking about candy and the what you’re going to be, this is a great time start planning.

Start a toy drive. Utilize social media to find specific things that the kids want. You can even go as far as asking the parents for a list that the kids have made out for Santa and get to collecting!

Breast, lung, skin, and other forms of cancer

The Relay for Life is a big one for cancer benefits especially for breast cancer, but what if there was another way to spread awareness and love for those with cancer? Partner with the local hospital or treatment center can be great as they are always willing to take donations.

Try a boot drive to “kick” cancer. If you’ve never heard of this, a boot drive is when you go to local businesses and place a boot (yes, an actual boot) at the register for people to put their spare change in. You can also stand at intersections of busy roadways to get donations too– Traffic lights can be a big win!

Once you’re done collecting, donate the money to the hospital or treatment center! It’s that easy! 🙂

A Mission Trip

This doesn’t include a vacation to Hawaii, so don’t even think about it! Try custom shirts! Everyone loves knowing that they bought something to help those that needed it. For example, the Invisible Children in Uganda– You buy a shirt and a portion of the money that you spend on the shirt goes to those children and providing for their needs.

Sell t-shirts for your cause! Not only will those that purchased a shirt wear them, but they’ll be advertising for you for more possible donations! Pretty neat, huh?

Grab a coffee, choose a “top team” as this will be a big job, and get to planning! Fundraising especially for a non-profit is hard but fun. Just a little planning and hard work and you can end up making some lives better or even saving a life in some cases. Nonprofits aren’t the only ones that need some help from time to time. A simple plan, a team to relay tasks to, and a personal and individual style to each business will really give cool and fun spin! What will you fundraise next?