Fundraising has always been an optional part of sports at all levels, but it’s becoming more of a requirement as time goes on. From little league to college, athletes should expect to spend some of their time earning money for their club and organization. These fundraising ideas for sports teams can help you impress your community and reach your financial goals.

Sports Teams Fundraising – Details and Overview

On a local level, raising funds for your sports team is a straightforward process. Members of a community are often happy to support their local athletes. In fact, donors often take pride in their teams and feel a sense of reward by showing support. Raising money for your team is all about entering with the intention of spreading your message as far as possible. These fundraising ideas for sports teams will help you raise money throughout your community and beyond.

1. Selling Candy

Candy sales are one of the surest ways to raise money for your team. For a small entry fee, teammates will receive their own box of assorted candy bars which they can sell however they choose. This may involve selling to friends and family, but it usually requires a small amount of door-to-door salesmanship. As always, a good percentage of the community should be happy to support you — and that’s especially true if chocolate is involved.

2. Staging a Benefit Raffle

Since fundraising ideas for sports teams can include the resources of several families, a benefit raffle could be an effective way to quickly raise money. The main barrier for these events is usually startup cost; the costs of catering and raffle prizes add up quickly. However, split among team members, each family’s small contribution can lead to exponential rewards for the team.

3. Advertise Local Businesses

In many communities, local businesses love getting involved with their neighborhood sports teams. It’s not uncommon for a business to sponsor a team. This means the business will pay for certain team expenses in exchange for advertisement. Making such an arrangement is quick and easy, and it can alleviate much of your team’s financial stress over the course of a season.

4. Distribute Premier Coupons

Everyone loves receiving coupons in the mail. Mail coupons, however, are limited compared to what your sports team can offer. Communities typically offer a membership card with recurring coupons to local businesses. Townspeople can pay an upfront fee and enjoy those coupons until a set date. Sports teams are usually free to sell these cards door-to-door and walk away with nearly 100 percent of the profits.

5. Charity Games

It’s often wise to incorporate another cause into fundraising ideas for sports teams. For example, you can dedicate one of your games to a medical research foundation and set up a booth for donations. It’s important to be upfront with your intentions with the donations; don’t tell people you’re sending 100 percent of proceeds to the charity unless it’s true. Still, it’s reasonable to keep around 20 percent of proceeds for your team.

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6. Individual Player Service

This fundraising idea for sports teams is less common than others, but it’s effective because it requires no startup cost. On an individual basis, players can offer to work around town for team money. This may include mowing lawns, pulling weeds or any other labor. If every member of the team dedicates a few weekend afternoons to this cause, you can raise a lot of money fast.

7. Organize a Sponsored Restaurant Night

Teams can contact the owners or a local restaurant and organize a special one-night agreement. The team will bring as many patrons to the restaurant as possible, and the restaurant will pay the team a small percentage of the night’s profits. This is potentially the most effective way that teams can utilize local businesses. Moreover, there are plenty of sports fundraising events ideas you can take advantage

8. Start a Team Blog

If there’s enough interest surrounding your team, you can quickly grow a local following of blog readers. As a result, your advertising space becomes valuable to local businesses. Selling those slots to your favorite local businesses is a quick way to build a passive income stream for your sports team. Best of all, maintaining a blog is a fun way to document the best parts of your season.

9. Sell Team Merchandise

This is one of the riskier fundraising ideas for sports teams, but those with an entrepreneurial spirit can succeed. In the past, players have had success selling team calendars, clothing, magnets and other personalized trinkets. However, before investing in a bulk order of merchandise, you must establish a reasonable estimate for the number of people who will purchase your merchandise. In this field, it’s always better to underestimate.

10. Host a Cornhole Tournament

Cornhole — otherwise known as ‘bags’ — is one of the most popular party sports across the country. In the name of fundraising, you can create a tournament and charge teams an entry fee. Instead of a cash prize, the winners will receive an alternative award that allows your team to walk away with the majority of profits from the entry fees. It’s also fun watching your team’s community compete against each other.

You can also check out this video with the best fundraising ideas for sports teams if you need some more inspiration:

These fundraising ideas for sports teams are all proven winners. In addition to raising cash for your team’s expenses, you can also feel accomplished in bringing your community closer together. Do you have any experience fundraising for sports teams? Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

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