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10 Fundraising Ideas for College Clubs - The-Fund-Raiser.com

In the era of budget cuts, college students across the country are relying on new ways to fund their clubs and activities. Even in the most prestigious universities, students are digging deep to find the answers to their fundraising problems. These fundraising ideas for college clubs can help your favorite extracurricular activities stay on the radar.

College Club Fundraising – Details and Overview

Raising funds for your college club is largely dependent on your location, but certain strategies prevail on most campuses. In all cases, you will find more success with greater communication throughout your group. Like most fundraising efforts, your goal is to spread your message to as many potential donors as possible. Using these fundraising ideas for college clubs, you can keep your group organized while collecting the resources to continue your passion.

1. Bake Stand

Perhaps the most famous of all club fundraising events, the bake stand is the perfect way to raise quick cash for your club. Despite the upfront cost of organizing baked goods for sale, the risk is limited. If you build your stand in a populated area of your campus, you can expect a reasonable profit. This method isn’t likely to raise a huge sum of money, but it’s a good start towards later efforts.

2. Club Taxi Service

Many students head off to college without a vehicle. As a result, those students are forced to walk long distances to get to class or extracurricular activities. If several members of your club have vehicle access, starting a miniature taxi service is one of the best fundraising ideas for college clubs. This is especially true for universities with harsh winters; no one likes walking in the snow. If you can afford to charge less than Uber, you will always have clients.

3. Campus Raffle

As always, a raffle is a good option for raising quick profits. Best of all, the college setting affords more flexibility to the raffle scenario. You won’t have to provide meals or entertainment to your participants. Instead, offer prizes that are relevant to students around campus. The most important part of a raffle is to sell tickets, so spread the word as widely as possible.

4. Host a Dinner

The opposite of the raffle is the hosted dinner. Instead of prizes, you’ll advertise a night of food and fun. Choose a specialty meal for your club, and find a venue to serve that meal to as many students as possible. It’s best to choose something simple and cost-effective. For example, soups, plates of pasta and grilled foods are perfect in these settings. Also, make sure your prices are lower than the nearby restaurants.

5. Host a Sports Tournament

This will vary from school to school, but one of the greatest fundraising ideas for college clubs is the casual sports tournament. In these settings, simple sports are the best options. Games like Cornhole can go a long way in bringing communities together. Best of all, your only startup fees will be assembling the required supplies. You can keep a certain percentage of every entry ticket and give away the rest as tournament winnings.

Stash of college books next to a cup

6. Bingo Night

In recent years, Bingo has gained unprecedented popularity with the college crowd. However, Bingo is always more fun — and you’ll attract more purchasers for tickets — if you align it with a theme. tailor the game specifically for your university. If possible, combine your Bingo efforts with trivia. These creative ideas will help you sell more tickets and raise more profit.

7. Scavenger Hunt

The recurring theme so far has been prizes. College students love getting competitive with their peers, and prizes are the surest way to define winners. Create a competitive scavenger hunt with a small entry fee. The trick is finding the appropriate balance in difficulty. A too hard scavenger hunt will frustrate players and increase their suspicion of your fundraising efforts. A too easy hunt will inhibit your ticket sales.

8. Help Around Town

When all else fails, your club can offer services to people in your town and the surrounding area. This is largely a seasonal affair as winter, spring and fall each have their own yard-related tasks that may need doing. Raking someone’s lawn, for example, may be a quick way to notch your club some funds. However, always make sure to let people know why you’re out offering service. If they know why you’re raising funds, they will be more likely to hire you.

9. Sell Used School Supplies

This is most effective at the beginning of the year, but you must work to collect supplies throughout both semesters. Simple supplies like pens and folders cost students a lot of money. As with all businesses, if you offer lower prices than your competitors, you will find shoppers. Create a simple store of used school supplies to accommodate unprepared students in the early goings of the school year.

10. Tutor Students / Give Instruction

Finally, this is among the best fundraising ideas for college clubs because of it’s real-world practicality. Not only can you make raise money while making a difference in someone’s life, but you can practice a skill that will help you in your time beyond college. The art of teaching and instructing others is rare and useful in the professional world. It’s best, however, to charge very competitive rates for your tutoring. After all, people will only hire you if you’re cheaper than the nearby professional services.

These are among many fundraising ideas for college clubs. In the university setting, you have a lot of freedom to customize fundraising strategies for your specific audience. Most importantly, you must utilize all resources for spreading the word about your fundraising efforts. Do you have any experience fundraising for college clubs and activities? Let us know in the section below.

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