donateHow To Fundraise If You’re New to Fundraising

Getting involved in the fundraising efforts of a charity or non-profit can be a tricky and confusing business. Your goal is to make money without of course overspending, which is always a challenge, and you also need to raise awareness of your organization to boot. When it comes to launching a fundraising campaign, do your due diligence and start with a simple fundraising goal. Here are some pointers to teach you how to fundraise if you’re new to fundraising:

1. Do a lot of research online. There are countless fundraising companies, articles, and infographics that will give you helpful hints and ideas, and even step by step instructions for launching a fundraiser. Do a lot of research and keep a written record of the hints you find most helpful.

2. Contact some local charitable groups. Try to find someone who is an expert at hosting fundraisers and ask them for some advice. Interview them to find out what’s worked best and what has never worked out for them.

3. Use social media channels. Online social media channels such as LinkedIn can be invaluable assets for a non-profit organization. Start joining some groups on LinkedIn that are for professionals that work in the non-profit sector as they can provide you with helpful resources and helpful personal connections.

4. Start asking friends and family for help. When trying to generate charitable donations or create buzz about your organization, it’s all about leveraging your personal connections. This is why you want to start letting people know about what you are doing and what you are trying to accomplish. You never know who they might know or what type of resource they might be willing to offer.

5. Start talking to local businesses. Local businesses can often be the key that unlocks the potential in your fundraising campaign. Start going to a few select local businesses for practice and tell them about your organization and ask them if they’d be interested in some type of partnership. They may be willing to offer you some of their own ideas.