Savory_Popcorn_Tubs_Large_FundraiserFun Popcorn Fundraising Ideas

Popcorn fundraising can be one of the funnest fundraising ideas and can be a fun way to generate some cash flow for your organization. There are some good reasons to decide to host a popcorn fundraiser. It can be an inexpensive and low-maintenance type of fundraiser and there are plenty of popcorn manufacturing companies to choose from. Lots of companies allow you to pre-order your products, so they arrive quickly and you can take advantage of cost-effective. Here are some fun popcorn fundraising ideas:

Make it seasonal. Holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas are all great times to launch a fundraiser. Many popcorn manufacturers create special themed popcorn flavors and customized packages that offer buyers a festive way to celebrate the season. Popcorn makes great gifts, so plan your popcorn fundraiser around a specific holiday or season.

Host a party. A fundraising party can be a great way to show off your products and give people plenty of popcorn to choose from. If you decide to host a popcorn party, send out invites ahead of time so that you can determine how much of the popcorn products to order. Place an order for a variety of products too, so that your collection is more enticing to buyers. Also, give them the option to place a customized order, so bring a catalog for buyers to look at.

Create variety packs and gift bags. Since popcorn does make such a great gift, purchase a variety of flavors in bulk and create gift baskets and gift bags yourself and charge a little more to make a profit. People will love to have ready-made gifts that they can give away. You can even make the gift baskets and bags more creative by creating a themed basket based around your organization. For example, if you’re fundraising for the basketball team, add basketball stickers, mugs, books, or t-shirts and include the popcorn as a sweet treat.