downloadFun Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas

Sometimes it’s tough to raise money for a cheerleading squad. You don’t have a lot of time and the time that you do have should be spent on practicing, getting ready for an upcoming competition, and learning new routines. But, it’s necessary that you raise money so that you can fund that upcoming competition, so to get the ball rolling on your fundraising efforts, here are some fun cheerleading fundraising ideas:

  • Candle fundraisers. This is a fun one because everyone loves those lovely scented little boxes of candles. Try Yankee Candles or another top candle company as many of them work with small groups.
  • Cheerleaders car wash. A fun thing to do in the school parking lot or at some other local business on a Saturday, a car wash can be a great way to raise money. It’s fun for the kids too.
  • A service fundraiser. Why not offer a babysitting night where your cheerleading girls offer to watch little kids and give the parents a night off? Your cheerleaders can accept donations or charge a babysitting fee.
  • Magazine fundraisers. There are a number of companies that work with you to sell magazine subscriptions at a discounted rate for charity.
  • 50/50 Raffle. Always an easy one and usually pretty effective, a raffle can be a great way to raise money. Half of the proceeds go to your cheer squad and the other half goes to the big winner.
  • Cookbook fundraiser. Want to promote healthy eating while raising money for the cheerleaders? Why not get creative and have your cheerleaders round up their favorite healthy recipes and create a cookbook. You can even include cute pictures of the team practicing and it will be a hot seller with family and friends.
  • Host a used book sale. Show the kids academic interests by having a book drive. You can have people donate their unwanted books and then have a charity book sale where all proceeds go the cheer squad.