336836-5006-21Free Sample Corporate Sponsorship Letter

A corporate sponsorship letter campaign can be a great way to raise awareness about your non-profit, gain new attention, and to of course raise funds. In your letter, it’s great if you can find a common link between your organization and the corporate sponsor that you are trying to attract. Also, you need to make a compelling case about why that organization should get involved, for instance if the company will gain something significant for becoming involved such as free publicity. Also, try to find a specific person that would handle these types of requests for the company and address the letter to them directly. Also, be sure to thank them and follow up by phone if possible. Here is a free sample corporate sponsorship letter that you can tailor to fit your needs:
Stefanie Smith
Date: January 12, 2015

Corporate Company
1001 Main Street
Houston, TX. 77777

Dear (try to personally address the letter and use a formal salutation),

Houston Cares For Kids is a charity dedicated to introducing underprivileged children to the beauty and wonder of the great outdoors. Currently, we are beginning to plan our annual Outdoor Houston For Kids festival to take place in the Big City Park this summer.

Our organization depends entirely on the generosity of corporate and private sponsors across the state of Texas for monetary support. In years past, we have been fortunate to run a successful outdoor event thanks to the support of companies like yours, and we hope that this year’s event will be as successful as our events in the past.

As a corporate sponsor of Houston Cares for Kids, you will benefit from the media attention and PR traction that you will gain from being associated with our organization. Our annual event brings in more than 1,100 visitors and the media is always in attendance. In addition, you have the opportunity to have a permanent badge with a link placed on our website and mentions in our non-profit newsletter and through our social media channels.

A detailed sponsorship level page and sponsor agreement is attached to this letter. Thank you sincerely for your interest in our organization. Please feel free to reach out directly if you have any questions,

With gratitude,
Stefanie Smith
Manager – Communications
Houston Cares For Kids