capital-campaigns-300x207Free Sample Capital Campaign Letter

Raising big money can be a challenge and can often mean a large investment in time and resources. Sending out targeted fundraising letters can still be a great way to raise money. They can be sent out via email or regular US mail and can be an effective way of raising large sums of money for your non-profit. When writing a capital campaign letter, it’s important to try to tailor your letter to each donor and highlight how your charity or organization is meeting the needs of the greater community. Here is a free sample capital campaign letter:
Company Name
Personal Name

Dear (Insert Name, use formal salutation),

When you or a family member is injured or sick, where do you turn for support? If you’re like most in our community, you go to Barnaby Hospital. Why? Because you know you will receive high quality medical care and that you’ll be treated like a valued person by dedicated and compassionate health care professionals in a warm and caring environment.
Contributions from valued donors like you have helped make Barnaby Hospital the leading health care provider in our region. We are grateful for your continued support of our mission and for valuing our team of highly professional caregivers.

Thanks to supporters like you, our caregivers have touched the lives of thousands of local community members in need, whether they faced an urgent life-threatening situation, disease, or debilitating illness. Barnaby Hospital is the community hospital that exists to serve and protect the local community.

Now that we are facing uncertain economic times, we need financial assistance from donors like you more than ever so that our facility can continue to thrive. Your financial gift provides valuable resources that can make an immediate impact on the lives of our community. Your donation of $500, $1000, or $5000 can make the difference to our medical staff including nurses, doctors, surgeons, therapists, and our Emergency Staff who dedicate their lives to the welfare of others daily. We welcome donations to our general emergency departments as well as our research programs such as the Cancer Institute, Neonatal unit, and others.

Your donation is fully tax-deductible and will make a world of difference in our community. If you have questions about how your dollars can make a difference, please visit (website) or call (phone number). Your donation will make a world of difference. Thank you for your generous help and support.

(CEO or Program Director)