pizzaman1Four Ways To Do A Dinner Fundraiser

Hosting a dinner fundraiser is a great idea for groups like church groups and school groups. If you’re looking for good fundraising ideas and unique fundraising ideas that will be popular and will bring in crowds, then hosting some type of dinner will be a good bet. Charity dinners are easy fundraising ideas because there are so many ways that you can do this. Here are some suggestions about ways that you can host a dinner fundraiser:

• Choose a local pizza restaurant. Probably one of the most common fundraiser ideas is to work with a local pizza restaurant to host your charity dinner. Generally speaking, most pizza places will give you a discount on your food and drinks and then your charity gets a portion of the proceeds during the night of the event. Just make sure you advertise your event heavily beforehand and try to get confirmation from people that will be attending.

• Have a burger night at school. If you’re looking for school fundraising ideas, hosting a fun ‘burger and movie night’ is an awesome way to raise money for school groups. You’ll need to buy discounted patties in bulk and then have some volunteer chefs to make burgers for you in the school kitchen. You can provide canned sodas and all kinds of toppings for people who will be attending.

• Spaghetti or lasagna night. Italian food is always fun for fundraising. It’s widely popular, picture of spaghetti and meat ballsplus it’s simple and doesn’t require a whole lot of extra stuff. You can charge people a fee and offer delicious lasagna, garlic bread and a salad and maybe some desserts. This is a great way for people to visit with each other and they will have dinner taken care of. This is a great idea for church groups.

• Have a formal dinner. Great for adult charities, hosting a formal sit-down dinner can be great for donations. Glitz it up and make it black tie and hire a jazz band. People will be dazzled and will be interested in what your charity is doing.