download (2)Four Tips for Writing a Mission Trip Fundraising Letter

Writing a mission trip fundraising letter can be a challenging task because you want it to sound very personal, but you probably need to send it to as many people as you can in order to raise as much money as you can for your mission. When writing a fundraising letter like this, keep in mind who you will be sending it to and try to create a compelling call to action. Here are four tips for writing a mission trip fundraising letter:

1. Paint a vivid picture of what your organization does. Mission trips are people-centered, so in a letter to potential donors, make sure you creatively paint a picture of how people are helping other people with your charity work. That’s what’s going to get people to act. If they get to see specific examples of how you’ve helped or how you plan to help, they will be more motivated to donate.

2. Create a specific call to action. Don’t let there be any ambiguity with the reason why you are sending out a letter like this. Ask for something very specific, such as a donation of $50 towards your mission trip, and let them know that you are seeking the support for certain supplies, activities, travel expenses, or whatever the case may be.

3. Give them a way to be able to follow your progress and the progress of your organization. For example, if your charity is on Facebook and regularly posts updates about what they are doing, direct readers to that site. If your organization sends out a regular newsletter with personal anecdotes, then let them know that you’ve signed them up to receive that.

4. Follow up after the trip and thank them. This is fundraising 101, but thanking your donors will not only get them to donate in the future, it’s just the right thing to do. Make sure you let them know how much their donation helped.