plastic cardsFour Tips for Selling Plastic Fundraising Cards

Sometimes, coming up with low-cost and low-maintenance fundraising ideas can be a challenge. Plastic fundraising cards can be a great idea for your charity or school organization. Fundraising cards don’t spoil or go bad, it’s a great way to get local businesses involved, and it offers potential buyers some great discounts and benefits. Here are some tips for selling plastic fundraising cards:

1. Set Your Goal. Set a financial goal for how much money your organization realistically needs to make. Do a little research online, and then choose from one of the many companies that specializes in manufacturing plastic fundraiser cards. Make sure that they offer a generous profit margin for selling the cards. Then decide how many cards you need to order to make your goal.

2. Go door to door to local businesses. Start by approaching any places of business that your organization might have some ties to (for example, a friend of yours owns the business, or your soccer team always eats there after a game) and ask them for support. Let them name their own discount, and remember to point out that having a place on these fundraising cards will drive foot traffic through their doors.

3. Utilize a personal network. Everyone has a personal network—even kids! Before the event, start to spread the word that you are selling these cards and then carry them around with you when they arrive. Make a list of friends and acquaintances at school, church, in your neighborhood, and other places and then begin to approach those people about making a purchase. Don’t forget to use your social media contacts too—posting information on Facebook, for example, is also a great idea. Going door to door in your neighborhood is another way to make sales happen.

4. Set up a table. Approach one of the participating businesses about setting up a table to sell your cards. This is a great way to access existing customers who already patronize that store or restaurant. You can also set up a table at your church or school, if they will allow it.


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