Savory_Frozen_Cookie_Dough_Fundraiser_PPFour Reasons to Host a Cookie Dough Fundraiser

If you’re having a tough time coming up with fun fundraising ideas for your sports team, youth group, or art club at school, you should consider hosting a cookie dough fundraiser. There are a lot of big name companies like Otis Spunkmeyer that can make the process fun and easy for you and your fundraising group. Here are four great reasons to host a cookie dough fundraiser:

1. It’s fun and tasty and there is something for everyone. Selling cookie dough is a great idea because it’s not like you’re selling cookies that can spoil and have to be thrown away. Cookie dough is a product that busy moms can freeze and then pull out when they have friends come over. It’s an easy and delicious pre-made product that people can use at a later time. Plus, most cookie dough companies offer a variety of flavors, so you usually have something to offer every palate.

2. There is always customer service available to help. Most big companies that advertise cookie fundraisers will have someone available to assist you throughout the process. This means you won’t be dealing with any fundraising disasters while trying to sell your cookie dough.

3. You can make money for your organization. In a lot of cases, these types of fundraisers have a tiered system of profitability. So, that means that the more you get people involved in selling, the more money you will make in the long run. It can be very profitable if you get people really excited about getting involved.

4. Cookie fundraising can be a great way to raise money during the holiday season. Busy Mom’s love to bake cookies for friends, teachers, and neighbors, but they always run short on time. Selling then some cookie dough in the fall for use at Christmas might be a great selling point!