coffeeFour Reasons To Consider Hosting Coffee Fundraisers

Coming up with fundraising ideas beyond your average, run of the mill charity drives can be difficult sometimes. If you go online, there are dozens of companies that offer fundraising events ranging from pizza to cookie and candy fundraisers. Coffee fundraisers are a truly unique and somewhat unconventional way to raise money for your non-profit, school or church organization. There are a number of companies that offer fundraising partnerships like this one. Here are four reasons to consider hosting coffee fundraisers for your organization:

1. The market for selling this type of product is huge. Everyone needs that first cup of Joe to get them started each day, so the market for selling coffee or tea is absolutely huge. People love coffee, and they especially love it if it’s unique, eco-friendly, and high-quality. There are many coffee manufacturers who participate in coffee fundraisers online.

2. They make great gifts. This type of fundraiser could be great during cold winter months or around the holidays. People love to cozy up with a warm cup of yummy coffee and coffee makes great stocking stuffers and gifts for people. This can be highly profitable around the holidays when people are looking for inexpensive but popular gift ideas.

3. You can personalize them. Many companies feature special packaging or even personalized bags or packages of coffee. For an alternative, you can even choose to sell coffee and tea for those people who prefer to drink tea instead of coffee. Many companies feature eco-friendly packaging or special gift packaging too.

4. It can be really profitable. Like some other fundraising ideas, a coffee fundraiser can be an inexpensive and low-maintenance way to raise money for your charity. These types of fundraisers are designed to feature a large profit margin so that you can raise money and provide a valued product to buyers.