670px-Solicit-Sponsors-Step-2Four Political Campaign Fundraising Ideas

Looking for a victory for a local politician or cause that you are trying to support? Think networking, engagement, and spreading the word as often and as far and wide as you can. Political fundraising goes beyond sharing information about your candidate, however. You have to strategize and continue to refine that strategy until you’ve got a process that you know will turn out the votes and raise awareness. Here are four good political campaign fundraising ideas:

  1. Chain fundraising emails. This is super simple but it has to be done right so that people don’t see it as spam. This tactic involves creating an authentic, genuine fundraising letter that is centered around your candidate or cause. You take the time to carefully craft the message and then you send it to all of your contacts and ask each person to send it to 20 of their own contacts.
  2. A one-day fundraising drive. This can be a great way to get people to act all at once to drive engagement on your website and to generate excitement. Assuming you have a website (which all fundraising campaigns now should), make a goal to raise a certain amount of money for something really specific. An example would be $5000 on a designated day for website banner ads. Drive all website traffic through social media channel postings and phone calls to your donate page with the idea that you’ll raise that $5000 on that single day.
  3. Dial for dollars. Commonly used for political campaign fundraising, dialing to get donations is still an effective tool. Open the phone book or look online for phone numbers and get your team of volunteers cracking to drive in the dollars and the votes.
  4. Traditional fundraising letter. Go the traditional route and simply type of a really good fundraising letter about your candidate and send it to local businesses, individuals, and anyone that you can think of.