school-supplies-saleFour Helpful Hints for School Supply Fundraising

Raising money for much-needed school supplies is a great way to get parents and the local community involved because no one can dispute that these are a necessity for every child’s education. In most cases, school budgets are tight, and there is never quite enough money for valuable supplies. Aside from soliciting donations directly from fellow parents, you can actually organize a fundraiser specifically for school supplies. If you are trying to raise money for this way, here are four helpful hints for school supply fundraising:

1. Work with a company that offers pre-packaged school supplies. Yes, there are companies out there who will work with you to create customized school supply packages based on your schools’ specific supply list. This type of school supply fundraiser offers the ultimate in convenience for parents and can be very cost-effective.

2. Make sure the timing is right and communicate with parents. It may seem quite obvious, but if you’re going to host a supply fundraiser, you need to start well in advance of the start of the school year and you have to spread the word to fellow parents as soon as possible.

3. Highlight the benefits for your parents. Be sure to let parents know that your fundraiser offers them a “one stop shop” for all of their school supplies—they won’t need to make a special trip to a big box store to try to round up all of the many supplies that their children need. Also, be sure to point out that the fundraiser benefits the Arts (or whatever you are raising money for). Parents do care about those things.

4. Market your school supplies. Put your school supply packages on display at the school and create excitement by getting school organizations to help you advertise what you are doing. Start an email a few weeks ahead and spread the word to teachers and administrators as well. Getting more people excited about your campaign will help you raise money in the long run.