Youth_Sports_FundraisingFour More Great Sports Fundraisers

Team sports fundraisers can be a great way to raise money and boost team morale. It can be a lot of fun too, and a great way to get everyone on the team involved in keeping the sports organization at the top of its game. Here are four fundraising ideas for some fun and effective sports fundraisers:

1. Host a car wash. Hosting a charity car wash is always a great idea. Kids have fun with it, and everyone needs a good car wash every now and then. Parents and donors can get a car wash on the cheap, and all of the proceeds go towards your sports team. All you need is some soap, a few buckets, and some water and you’re on your way to making money.

2. Have a sport-a-thon. Use what your team loves the most: A sports competition. If you have a baseball team, get your kids to collect donations for every home run made, or solicit donations for every three pointer on your child’s basketball team.

3. Host a photo session. People love the opportunity to have family photos taken—or photos of their child if they’re on a team of some sort. Your organization can hire a photographer to set up a photo session to take pictures. You can collect a portion of the profits for your team and parents will love the opportunity to have photos taken of their little ones.

4. Develop a calendar. Calendars are popular because they make a great keepsake for parents—especially when their kids are a part of extra-curricular activities. Have a fellow parent take photos of your team, or take them yourself. You can order calendars online for a reduced price and then sell them to make a profit for your team. Parents will love to have a keepsake for that particular year that includes photos of their children.