donation-jpeg-scaled5001Four Great Medical Fundraising Ideas

Providing support via friends and family for someone who has a worthy medical cause can offer both moral and financial support to someone who is struggling with a major health issue. There are a number of fundraising ideas that you can use to solicit donations for a health issue, and getting the word out to potential donors using email and social media is extremely beneficial. Here are four great medical fundraising ideas:

1. Host a 50/50 Raffle. This is a great way for small groups to raise money for someone in need. People pay a certain amount of money for a certain number of raffle tickets. You try to sell as many tickets as you can, and once the raffle is complete, the winner takes home 50% of the total money earned, while the remaining 50% goes to the person that you are raising money for.

2. Try to find a matching donor. If you can find a generous donor, such as a local business or an organization that has something in common with the person who needs the medical expenses, then you can host a matching donor drive. You can challenge your network of donors to meet a certain financial goal, such as $2000, for example. Then if your donor network meets that goal, the matching donor will then match the donation amount.

3. Offer a prize. Try to solicit local businesses or friends to offer a prize—something tantalizing that will appeal to people and make them want to donate. Then, sell raffle tickets and raffle off the prize. Your friend in need will benefit from receiving the funds donated from the raffle, and someone will win a great prize.

4. Simply ask. You might be amazed at how much money you can raise by simply asking your network of friends, neighbors, and family members. People love to unite for a worthy cause, so ask around at church, the grocery store, or just down the street. You may be able to raise money in no time.

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