donateFour Fundraising Strategies For Churches That Work

Starting a new year of fundraising for your church can be a challenge but if you employ the right strategies you can raise money for your church within the year. Whatever your strategy, be sure to create a budget for your church fundraising needs and gather the right team of helpers to make your mission a success. Here are four fundraising strategies for churches that work:

1. Launch a crowdfunding campaign. This can be a great way to reach not only your church congregation but people outside of your sphere that might identify with your church in some way. There are a number of websites that will allow you to launch a crowdfunding campaign for free and they will make it easy for you.

2. Go grassroots. One of the best fundraising strategies is to use just good old fashioned word of mouth requests. Gather a team of your best motivators and have a meeting about what your goals are. Then have them start knocking on doors. Posting mentions of your fundraising requests in the church newsletter or bulletin is also a great grassroots fundraising effort for churches. Traditional fundraising letters can be effective too.

3. Apply for a grant. There are oodles of grants available if you know where to look. Do your research into religious organizations that offer grant services and hire a great grant writer to take care of it for you.

4. Try to increase the gifts from your usual donors. Spreading the word about what you are trying to raise money for and asking your usual donors to increase their gifts—even by a small amount—can reap huge rewards. Whether it’s a new church activity center or a new wing of the church you are raising money for, leaning on the people that already help can help you reach your goals.