iStock_000019779403XSmallFour Fundraising Ideas for Big Groups

If you’re in charge of launching a fundraiser campaign for a big group like a major non-profit organization or a corporate charity group, you need to tailor your event to the size and scope of your organization. The traditional yard sale or bake sale just isn’t going to cut it to raise sizable funds. To help you start to find the right fundraiser for your charity, here are four fundraising ideas for big groups:

1. Host a congregational event. This fundraising idea would include events that donors are invited to, such as a silent auction, an entertainment night, or others. You charge an entry fee for each person that attends or you can accept donations as an entry fee.

2. Obtain a corporate sponsorship. When a corporation sponsors an event with you, such as a walk-a-thon or some other major event, you gain the benefit of their branding and name recognition, and they usually take a portion of the proceeds for themselves. This is helpful if you want to raise big bucks.

3. Partner with a local business. This can be great if you’re working with a local non-profit that has strong ties to the community. The idea is to work with a local business to set up a time and place for a specific event at their place of business. Examples would be hosting an upscale wine tasting at a local wine bar or having a pizza night at a local pizza restaurant. They will donate a portion of the proceeds to your charity.

4. Consider hosting a raffle. You can work with businesses to obtain donations in the form of events, large and small items, gift cards, experiences and more. The sky is the limit when it comes to raffles, and you can use this technique to raise big bucks.