CarWash.250w.tn_Four Fun Fundraising Ideas for Youth Groups

Finding fundraising ideas for church or youth groups can be challenging, but really fun if you put your heads together and get some creativity going. Young people have great energy—especially in large numbers, so gather the members of your youth group together and put your heads together to come up with some great church fundraisers. Here are four fun fundraising ideas for youth groups to get you started:

1. Wash some cars. Car washes cost little money. You just need some basic supplies and some willing teenagers to use a little elbow grease. Gather your team and offer to wash cars before, during, or after church services. Advertise in the church bulletin or during coffee and donuts, and you’ll make money for your group in no time.

2. Have a bake sale. Everyone loves a sweet treat—especially after a church service on Sunday morning. Put on your pastry chef hats and make some cookies, cakes, and pastries. It doesn’t cost much to buy the ingredients and you can have a whole lot of fun making your goodies. Also, you can make a huge profit with a bake sale.

3. Offer a Mom’s Helper. Volunteering the services of your youth group members to busy Mom’s on the go in your congregation can be a great way to raise money for your organization. Mommy’s Helpers can do a number of things to help. They can babysit, organize a kitchen pantry, do laundry, wash the dog, dust and vacuum….the list goes on. Create a list of services that you will offer and then a price list and volunteer your time to these busy Moms. You will raise money and provide a really valuable service to the members of your church.

4. Mow lawns. The last thing Dad wants to do on his Saturday off is to go out and mow the lawn. This is why offering to sell this type of service is a great idea. Spread the word to your congregation that you are volunteering to mow lawns after school and on the weekends and you’ll make a huge profit.

Fundraising: It's what's up!