nonprofit_fundraisingFour Effective Big Money Fundraising Ideas

Coming up with creative fundraising ideas that make big bucks can be a challenge, especially if you’re in charge of doing this for a large company or non-profit. You want to come up with an idea that will make you big money, but not one that will break your budget or swallow you whole with planning and expediting. To get you started on your quest, here are four effective big money fundraising ideas:

1. Seek a grant. It may seem obvious, but this is a great place to start for your charity. There is grant money out there that is available for the asking, you just have to do your research and either hire, or become, a great grant writer. Invest the time in doing your research, and it may pay off in spades.

2. Take your fundraiser online. If you’re hosting a big money fundraiser, this is a requirement nowadays with the digital landscape becoming such an everyday part of people’s lives. You should use whatever marketing and online resources you have to raise big funds. Using blogs, websites, Google +, LinkedIn, Facebook and more can be your ticket to the money train. Don’t neglect these valuable tools that are at your disposal.

3. Host a charity golf tournament. There is a reason why these are so popular. Golf tournaments draw crowds and make money for charities. It’s even better if you can organize some type of celebrity golf tournament (local celebrities are always a big hit). You can charge an entry fee, charge for food and drinks, and offer a cash prize or donated prizes.

4. Host a party or gala. There is nothing more basic and more fun than hosting a big shindig to raise money. Hire a band or DJ, and get the party started by charging a fee for a place at the table and offer some fantastic food and unforgettable entertainment.