istock_000007747660smallFive Winter Fundraising Ideas

The weather is turning cooler and people have their Christmas lights up to celebrate the season. There is no better time of year to start fundraising for your small group than the winter. People are excited about the season and the prospect of a new year, so why not start planning your fundraising goals ahead of time and host a winter fundraiser. To get you started, here are some fun winter fundraising ideas:

1. Host a holiday dance. During the holiday season, people love to get dressed in their best clothes for a night out on the town. Why not host a winter fundraising dance? Charge admission and serve snacks and refreshments. Decorations will be easy as you can stick with holiday décor.

2. Decorate ornaments. This one is a great one for small groups like school choirs or church groups. Buy some basic ornaments at a hobby store with some special accents like paint, glitter, ribbon and more. People can decorate one for a small fee or you can even sell what you make. This is a great idea as part of a larger event like a winter carnival.

3. Sell holiday gift baskets. You’re offering both a product and a service because you will save people time with their holiday shopping by creating unique, themed baskets that people can give as a gift during the holidays. BBQ baskets, sports baskets, chocolate baskets, and baking baskets are just a few popular gift basket ideas.

4. Have a charity bonfire. Have an outdoor picnic with a big bonfire where people can roast marshmallows and make s’mores for a cause. People can bring blankets and cozy up while drinking apple cider, wassail, or even wine.

5. Sell holiday wreathes. Have someone on your team who is extra creative? Buy some supplies and make some gorgeous wreathes for a cause. You can even make them extra creative and do college sport wreathes, Christmas wreathes, Hanukah wreathes and more.