615x200-ehow-images-a08-01-d9-solicit-sponsorship-800x800Five Ways To Make A Request For Sponsorship

Trying to solicit sponsors can be an intimidating prospect. You have a charity to run and the heart of your nonprofit can’t beat without donations. But, people often put up a brick wall when they are asked for money. There are dozens of creative and effective ways of doing this but you have to tailor your method to your target audience. Think about whom your potential donors are and what method of communication they might respond to first. Here are five ways to make a request for sponsorship:

1. Write a traditional letter. There are countless websites online that have free sponsorship letter templates. Choose one that fits your audience best and tailor it to your charity and audience and send it via traditional letter.

2. Start an email marketing campaign. In this day in age, people use email as an everyday method of communication and paper mail is a thing of the past for many companies. Gather a list of email addresses for potential sponsors and start a good solid email marketing campaign around your organization.

3. Go door to door. The power of this method of sponsorship solicitation can’t be underestimated. People appreciate a handshake and an honest face, so if you can build a personal rapport with them, they might be more willing to become charity sponsors.

4. Leverage social media. Facebook is one of the most popular ways to get the word out about companies and non-profit organizations. It’s free (unless you choose to advertise which also could be a good option) and an effective way to raise awareness and solicit sponsorship.

5. Host an event to raise awareness. Create an event that is aimed at attracting sponsors and raising awareness of your charity. Some companies might even want to get involved to take advantage of the good PR.